AppleCare+ iPhone insurance with vol binetôt home coverage available in France

Apple will well propose a highly anticipated new type of iPhone insurance in France. Outre l’assurance AppleCare+ usualelle qui comprend notably two réparations de dommages accidentels per year, le fabricant va commercialiser l'” AppleCare + avec couverture en cas de perte ou de theft”. Comme son nom l’indique, en plus de la garantie matérielle classique, cette assurance va comprendre une couverture in case of loss or theft.

This formula, already available in several countries, includes coverage for two incidents that are in one flight or within a 12-month time period. To get a new iPhone, you will have to pay a deductible of €129.

Le prix de l’assurance, which depends on the iPhone model, is no longer known. Aux États Unis, l’AppleCare+ with cover in case perte or de vol costs $269 for two years or $13.49/month without duration limits for the iPhone 13 Pro. For iPhone 11, it costs $219 once or $11.49/month.

If you sign up for this insurance, when it will be available, because it marches, the Localiser function must be imperatively activated on your iPhone at the time of loss or theft, and they still have a long recovery process. It will ask you to delete the data from the stolen or misplaced device, disable it, and transfer ownership before getting a new device, specifically Apple. In addition, after you have submitted your claim to Apple, you can complete the steps on the AIG website to insure Apple’s partner.

AppleCare+ franchises

The availability of this new insurance should not be later being mentioned now on the Apple website, so it has not been given for several days. Il manque encore les conditions générales (which must be available at this address) et le bouton pour souscrire ce contract lors de la commande sau dans les 60 jours qui suivan.


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