are you covered by your home insurance?

Roofs torn off, cellars flooded … Violent thunderstorms and hailstorms have hit France in recent days, causing a lot of damage. The East is still on orange alert. Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, you have taken out multi-risk home insurance, and you are covered for the damage caused by the weather. But all bare damage is necessarily guaranteed.

Damage covered by the “storm” guarantee

The “storm, hurricane, cyclone” guarantee of your insurance, protection of the house against the effects of wind (storm, hurricane, cyclone) and damage caused by rain or hail: moisture penetrating inside the house, damaged roofs, torn tiles, facades damaged by the fall of a tree …

It all depends on your contract

Not all people are guaranteed, such as damage caused by shutters, verandas, shops, solar panels (unless they are destroyed at the same time as the house)… But it all depends on your contract. The glazing is taken into account by the “ice break” guarantee.

If any of your electrical appliances (refrigerator, TV…) have been damaged by lightning, as has your electrical installation, the “electrical damage” warranty comes into play. Moreover, this is an option in your home insurance. In certain contracts, these equipements may be reimbursed according to their new value.

The optional “fire” guarantee (unless you live in a condominium) is an option to cover damage to your property and furniture caused, for example, by lightning strikes. But in general, it is included in a multi-risk home insurance.

Other possible guarantees: expert fees and the frequency of forfeiture, which can be taken into account.

Damage caused by overflows from springs, streams and bodies of water is excluded from the storm warranty. Adobe stock illustration

Some buildings exclude the time guarantee

“Insurance only covers buildings of ‘good construction’, that is to say built for more than 50% and covered for more than 90% of hard materials,” says the National Agency for Information on the housing (Anil).

Light construction and hangars are not a priori covered.

Inondations: the “natural catastrophe” guarantee between games

Damage caused by overflows from springs, streams and bodies of water is excluded from the storm warranty. «Floods are covered by the” natural disaster “guarantee if you are in an area that has been stopped [interministériel, NDLR] of “natural disaster” published in the Official Gazette “, remarks Anil, following a natural event that caused damage (floods, tidal waves, mudslides, earthquakes …). “This is a strictly regulated legal guarantee unlike the” storm “guarantee,” added Anil. This guarantee is included in the insurance of a multi-risk home, but it still needs to be published.

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