Asac-Fapes proposes a new insurance in partnership with Allianz Vie

Asac-Fapes launches a new insurance contract in partnership with Allianz Vie, Asac Epargne Fidélité, which mixes funds in euros and units of account (UC). Its originality lies in the automatic arbitration of the participation in the benefits attributed on funds in euros towards a support in UC. “This arbitrage thus allows for a surplus of yield in the event of hausse des marchés, limiting the risk to the only benefits of euro support.”indicates the broker in a statement.

Asac-Fapes also offers a strengthened “loyalty guarantee” associated with the Asac-denominated euro fund: after six years of membership, the name of the UC due under the loyalty guarantee is reduced by at least 10%. Members who make redemptions during this time period lose their warranty share in proportion to the amount of the redemption, unless it is necessary to deal with a life accident.

Asac Epargne Fidélité offers access to 90 investment supports in UC, not certain real assets such as Allianz Invest Pierre (SCI) or Allianz Transition Energétique (FCPR). Three management modes are proposed: profiled by asset class, on climate and human issues with 100% labeled supports, and free.

Asac Épargne Fidélité contract rate

Payment on payment: 0%
Annual fees for managing euro funds: 0.65%
Annual loyalty support management fees and benefit-boosting incentives: 0.65%
Annual fees on other UCs: 1.25%
Annual Management Profile Fee: 0.30%


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