Assurance chien / chat sans duration of employment

In France, dog owners and talkers are still shy when it comes to securing their pet. However, pet insurance has the advantage of better preserving the health of their little companion while allowing them to reduce their veterinary expenses.

While most contracts provide for a minimum commitment period of one year, certain insurers now offer formulas with no commitment period, facilitating termination at any time and even easier. Take a look at these pet insurances.

What is a dog / cat insurance with no commitment period?

The owner of an animal takes out insurance for his dog or cat to protect his health, but also to reduce his veterinary expenses. This type of insurance is similar to human mutuals. Each insurance company can offer guarantees and rates of choice, but we can identify three types of categories:

  • the basic formulaswhich cover only sickness and / or accident costs, only 50% to 70%;
  • the intermediate formulascomfort, which cover these services as well as additional examinations, up to 70% to 90%;
  • premium formulashigh-end, are complete formulas that cover almost all veterinary care, etc., up to 90% to 100%.

The owner of the dog or cat chooses the care formula that suits him, knowing of course that the higher the level of protection, the higher the price.

The duration of the commitment is a crucial point in an insurance. This is the period during which the owner of the animal, the subscriber, is in the obligation to keep his contract. In most cases, as provided for in the Code des assurances, the term of this type of contract is one year. However, some companies do not comply with this rule and impose terms of employment of more than one year.

The majority of contracts are renewable by tacit renewal. Thus, when the contract expires, it is automatically renewed for another year, unless the owner of the animal decides to terminate his contract. In other words, if the subscriber no longer wishes to be covered, he must take the necessary steps to terminate his contract.

Conversely, a no-obligation insurance contract can be tough at all times. For certain types of contracts, the procedure is very simple. For others, the contract may be matched by a probationary period without engagement. Once the period is over, the coverage stops, but the dog or cat owner can ask to continue the care if he wishes.

It is not mandatory to take out this type of insurance for your pet. However, for certain dogs classified in category 1 and category 2, it appeals to ensure a compulsory civil liability.

Dog / cat insurance without commitment period: what guarantees?

Depending on the formula chosen, the guarantees include non-term employment insurance, plus or minus, just like for a classic insurance. Here again, we find the three main levels of coverage, namely the basic formula, the comfort formula and the complete formula to which it is possible to add certain options.

Thus, depending on the level of protection, the insurance of the dog / chat without commitment can cover with a height of 50% à 100% les frais liés:

  • veterinary consultations;
  • care for illness and / or accident;
  • drug treatments;
  • additional examinations (imaging, analysis, etc.);
  • surgery;
  • at the hospital;
  • preventive measures (sterilization, castration, vaccination, antiparasitic, deworming, therapeutic feeding, etc.);
  • to euthanasia;
  • at the funeral.

Dog / cat insurance without a commitment period: how to take it out? At what price?

To take out a dog / chat insurance without a commitment period, it is enough to request the services of a company that offers this type of formula. Overall, the policyholder must meet certain prerequisites for their application to be accepted, but these are more or less the conditions required under standard insurance contracts.

In fact, the first condition refers to the age of the dog or the conversation with the insurance, which must be between a minimum of 3 months in most homes, and a maximum of 5, 6 or 8 and depending on the companies and formulas. . In addition, the animal must be in good health, a point which is generally verified by the obligation to provide a veterinary certificate.

In addition, the dog or chat to be insured must be identified by a tattoo or an electronic chip. Mandatory vaccinations must be present and do not present any hereditary, congenital, chronic or recurrent diseases.

It is worth noting that some companies have refused to take live animals into me, in an elevation or in a group of more than five people, or even animals used for hunting or commercial purposes.

What price for a dog / chat insurance without a term of employment?

In most cases, the price of a dog / cat insurance without a commitment period is similar to that of a conventional insurance. On average, it costs 5 euros to 15 euros per month for an entry-level formula, 15 euros to 30 euros per month for an intermediate formula and 30 euros to 80 euros per month or more for a complete formula.

Dog / cat insurance without a commitment period: how do you go about terminating it?

The advantage of taking out dog / cat insurance without a term of commitment lies in the fact that its termination is much simpler and faster. In fact, the owner of the subscription may enter into a contract at any time without proof. It is enough to send a registered letter with the accusation of receipt of the insurance son in most cases, or to follow the termination procedure mentioned in the contract clauses and these are different.

For other types of conventional formulas, it should be noted that the subscriber is protected by law. The Lagarde (2010), Hamon (2014) and Bourquin (2017) laws are supplemented to allow the dog or cat owner to terminate his contract at any time during the first year, and then face free of charge for two months. before the expiration date of the contract in subsequent years. Also, be aware that the insurer is required to send a letter to its client each year to remind them of their right to terminate their contract. However, some unscrupulous insurers do not comply with this obligation or act at the last minute so as not to allow time for the teacher to react. If this breach can be proved by the subscriber, he can then terminate his contract whenever he wishes, always free of charge.

Don’t forget to use the services of an on-line comparator to find the right no-obligation dog / chat insurance formula for you. Just fill out a short questionnaire for this free tool, go to a list of custom quotes that match your needs. You have no choice but to compare and then select the offer that has the best value for money and negotiate other advantages to play concurrence!

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