Assurer sa voiture à la journée, c’est possible? Easy to do?

There may already be arrival de conduire pendant a few days in an unsafe car, which is why the cost of long-term insurance coverage. You n’êtes pourtant pas sans savoir que conduire sans assurance, c’est s’exposer à refundser des sommes importantes, et c’est illegal en France. Through this article, we want you to discoverauto insurance à la day. It allows the beneficiary of adequate protections sans payer trop cher. We invite you to read this article for more information about this car insurance formula.

Qu’est-ce qu’une auto assurance à la journée?

Encore appelée auto temporaire immediate insurance, c’est un contrat d’assurance qui permet de couvrir temporairement votre voiture. Il s’agit de l’offre minimum generally proposed by les assureurs auto, puisque’il is impossible d’assure une voiture pending quelques heures.

Le principe ici est le même qu’avec une auto traditionnelle insurance. Autrement dit, you can decide de ne souscrire qu’à la garantie auto de base, encore appelé «assurance auto tiers». Rappelons-que la garantie auto basic n’assure que les déjàts matériel et dommages corporels causés à une tierce person lors d’un accident.

However, it is possible to supplement this insurance with additional guarantees to better protect the vehicle. You can, for example, underwrite une assurance auto tous risques le temps d’une (ou plusieurs) journée. Cette dernière est d’ailleurs recommandée, especially s’il s’agit d’un haut de gamme vehicle.

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Why choose an up-to-date car insurance contract?

Additional reasons may incite certain motorists to opt for this type of insurance. Here are some situations in which it is preferable for auto insurance on the day:

  • Car location pending one or more days
  • Location of the car between particuliers pendant one or more days
  • L’emprunt de voiture pending one or several days
  • Carpooling them for one or more days.

In general, les loueurs professionnels offer car guarantees on the day at the same time, at the location of the car. However, the subscriber has tout à fait le droit de recourse aux prestations d’assuresures indépendants in order to benefit from a formula more adapted to his requirements.

You don’t have to compare the prices and benefits offered by loueurs and independent car insurance companies before making your choice. Concerning les cas d’emprunts de voitures, il existe des contracts d’assurance qui propose the option «conducteur occasionnel». This option allows the award to be in charge of giving away materials and any bodily items resulting from a car accident.

Nevertheless, it is preferable to take out a day-to-day auto insurance in order not to degrade the owner’s insurance coefficient and to be covered in an accident.

For carpooling, auto insurance à la journée will be necessary and the car owner’s insurance contract does not offer the “pret de volant” option. In effect, it is not uncommon to share a carpool during long journeys.

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Which procedure pour souscrire à une assurance auto à la journée?

Si vous avez déjà un assureure, alors, approach him afin d’en savoir plus sur ses formules d’assurance à la journée. Check with other insurers for offers.

Another possibility is to take out an up-to-date car insurance on the line. This option is simple and fast! You auraz juste à remplir le formular and to join the documents required by the société d’assurance.

Description conditions

The main conditions required by certain insurers are the following:

  • Be over 21 years old
  • Ne pas être un jeune conductore (avoir un permis de conduire aged 3 years or less)
  • A copy of your driver’s license
  • A copy of the vehicle’s insurance record.

You save a little more today on auto insurance per day. Le premier réflexe de tout conducteur should be defined ses needs and exigences avant de solliciter un assureure.

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