Asurly: The borrower’s insurance that makes you money

Cconvinced that this amendment would be the starting point of a new market, Toufik Gozim and Mickael Benhassen create Asurly, a state-of-the-art borrower insurance! And with the Lemoine Act effective June 2022, which aims to further simplify access to borrower insurance, they can be said to have had a hard time.

Give back purchasing power to its customers

L’assurance emprunteur is an important part of the cost of bank loans, especially real estate prices. The sector also generates an annual turnover of 10 billion euros, 90% of which is held by bancassurers. In this context, Assurly’s will is good to allow everyone to be insured at fairer rates, while reducing the amount of premiums by 50%.

The bet is raised: today, Asurly allows its customers to benefit from more effective coverage than traditional contracts, while achieving substantial savings. Asurly’s latest record: a customer saved € 48,000 by changing their borrower’s insurance! What to really regain control of his purchasing power.

Maximum simplified subscription

At Asurly, no head-scratching with paperwork. The growing team of a fluid developed experience, which allows a maximum of steps on the line, also on guard contact them with a dedicated advisor and need.

You can write in 3 minutes thanks to a mobile application, fully developed in-house, or on the d’Assurly website. A simple and practical “full canap” concept, which undeniably contributes to dusting off the uses of the sector. The administrative steps are also simplified, since it is Assurly that manages everything directly with the lending body, thus relieving a sacred burden on the client.

And to top it all off, as the only interlocutor, Asurly ensures a continuous and quality customer relationship. The customer service is present throughout the journey for the employee’s attendant, from the subscription stage to the management of the claim.

Innovative insurance

Wishing to be at the forefront of technology, Assurly relies on Artificial Intelligence to develop bespoke contracts. The company relies, in particular, on an engine of predictive claims, in order to collect information and ensure a completely anonymous way. This makes it possible to develop a modeling of the different profiles, avoiding the unpleasant passage of the health questionnaire for the majority. A technology all the more relevant since the adoption of the Lemoine law, after the last time the questionnaire for borrowers was abolished, is not less than the price of EUR 200 000 and will be reimbursed before 60 years of insurance. .

Fully customer-oriented, Asurly also develops tools based on user behavioral data for the invitation to take care of health care within its “Research & Development” division. One of Assurly’s current projects is to offer cashback to customers who take a number of steps per day. Taking care of yourself, it pays off in every sense of the word!

Significant development prospects

Asurly has already convinced thousands of policyholders, ambassadors and shareholders, some wanting to regain their purchasing power and others wanting to take part in the borrower’s market revolution. Starting with the former senator behind the cited amendment, Martial Bourquin, who supports the draft from the beginning and is also Chairman of the Ethics Committee of Assurly.

The company that accompanies private companies, with several objectives, to come during the day. Elle should, in particular, cross French borders and understand well that it will take place throughout Europe within 5 years.

In addition, its ambition is to apply for accreditation with the ACPR, to become an insurance company and thus extend the technological breakthrough to the entire value chain.

As a groom, Asurly also shows the will to open all types of credit. Although real estate credit is still the most important and economic impact, Assurly intends to tackle consumer credit and even student credit. Its goal: to also push this sector by allowing students to insure their loans for € 2 per month (the average market amount is € 40).

In less than 3 years, Assurly has made a crazy bet to make money for its customers, while offering them guarantees that are the same or even higher than those of bancassurers. The company is constantly innovating in order to offer more and more services to its insurers and to push the codes. What to seduce the millions of borrowers present in France and, soon, abroad.

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