At the hotel high school in Dinard, the game of the Thousand Soups validates the CAP cuisine – Dinard

It was time for the “masterpiece” for the twenty terminal students of the CAP cuisine and service, on Thursday, May 5, at the hotel high school in Dinard. The session, led by Jean-Pierre Boudin, a cooking teacher and culinary designer Gwendoline Blosse, who has been in high school since September, turned their project into “A Thousand Soups”. This is a game of cards around families of ingredients that make it possible to reinvent salty and sweet soups and dare to associate.

“Infinite possibilities”

“It’s been called the Thousand Soups, because with this game, the possibilities are endless,” notes Jean-Pierre Boudin, who each year confronts his students in the arts with “eat art” projects. »», In English). Gwendoline Blosse orchestrated this culinary-graphic work: concept and creation of the game, graphics of the cards.

“The idea was to leave the ingredients, do not dispose and open the panel of possibilities. The game, which is bilingual, is designed to improve your knowledge of English. ” The graphic artist specializing in table art explores how he creates the appetite through the visual. During her residency, she led projects with students from BTS, Complementary Mention bar and light kitchen, CAP and cu boarding school.

On Thursday, teams of two cooking students and a server took action. Because once the cards are drawn, there is room for the improvisation of a soup and a smoothie for four people. Often the guests integrated the equipment, such as Cécile Klein, social animator of l’Escale, or Marine Lemercier, coordinator of GEM le Sémaphore, with the invitation of the propagandist in the game of kitchen workshops in the social restaurant.

This “chef-d’œuvre” is a valid test for the examination of the students concerned.

Jean-Pierre Boudin is at the forefront of the project.

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