Athena Transition September 2022

ATHÉNA TRANSITION SEPTEMBER 2022 : Avis des lecteurs

Avis des lecteurs du gray ATHÉNA TRANSITION SEPTEMBER 2022

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Athéna Transition Septembre 2022 » (Isin code FR001400B9K2) can be written within the frames of insurance or capitalization contracts. This investment solution allie un 6% gross coupon potential and a capital guarantee à echeance tout en apportant de la diversification.

ATHÉNA TRANSITION SEPTEMBER 2022 is issued by SG ISSUER. Underlying this structured product is the Euronext Transatlantic Sustainability and Climate Screened 60 Decrement 50 Points Index. The subscription period of ATHÉNA TRANSITION SEPTEMBER 2022 ends on 30/09/2022 (subscription dates may vary depending on financial intermediaries). His Synthetic Risk Indicator is 2/7. ATHÉNA TRANSITION SEPTEMBER 2022 is accessible through au moins un contract d’assurance-vie. Liste des assureurs proposing ATHÉNA TRANSITION SEPTEMBER 2022 on their contracts: GENERAL.

Product structure advantages:

  • to 100% capital guarantee at maturity,
  • IT’return objective of 6% gross per yearconditionné à l’évolution de son index de référence (Euronext® Transatlantic Sustainability and Climate Screened),
  • For geographical and sectoral diversification by choosing the ESG index,
  • Maximum investment period of 10 years,
  • Les fréquences de rappel annuelles (à partir de la 3e), and the reference index is higher or equal to its initial level, the product can be integrated remboursé de manière anticipée with a coupon of 6% gross per année écoulée.
Product Structuré ATHÉNA TRANSITION SEPTEMBER 2022: details
ISIN code FR001400B9K2
Nominal value on the one hand €1000.00
Entrance fee 0.00%
Exit fee 0.00%
Synthetic Risk Indicator (7 = maximum risk) ⚠️ 2/7
Description deadline 30.09.2022
encore 58 days before the end of the subscription period of this structured product.
Recommended investment duration 10 years
Underlying financial asset Euronext Transatlantic Sustainability and Climate Index Screened 60 Decrement 50 Points
Simplified mechanisms
Un remboursement de l’integralité du capital initial à l’échéance, quelle que soit l’évolution de l’indice à la data de constatation finale. Cashback coupon 6.00%.Contrats assurance-life proposing ATHÉNA TRANSITION SEPTEMBER 2022 en unité de compte
(1)Insurers proposing ATHÉNA TRANSITION SEPTEMBER 2022 in unité de compte sur une partie de leurs contracts d’assurance-vie (1)
It is imperative to take over the set of financial documentation (notamment le scénario défavorable) before writing a structured product.(1)

: non-exhaustive list des offres du marché. Liste donnée à titre indicative.

Limited subscription until September 30, 2022

Comme tout fond structured, the subscription period is limited. The indicated date is September 30, 2022, mais varie sensibilment selon les assureurs. Subscription de préférence quelques jours avant to the end date of the subscription period is toujours recommended to avoid tout potential souci.

Earnings target: 6%

The discount yield is 6%, according to the terms and conditions of application of the structured fund. Il s’agit d’un objectif et aucunement d’un rendement garanti.


The investor is exposed to market shares through exposure to the Euronext Transatlantic Sustainability and Climate Screened 60 Decrement 50 Points index. (ISIN code: FR0014005GF9). The refund of the product “Athena Transition September 2022” is conditioned on the evolution of the index calculated by reinvesting the gross dividends detached by the actions that compose them and by withdrawing a flat-rate and constant withdrawal of 50 points of the index per year. In order to benefit from a full repayment of the capital at maturity, regardless of the index’s evolution, the investor agrees to limit his gains in case of strong market share gains.


    Structured product, a risky investment.

  • Les produits structured sont des titres de créance presenting a risk of perte en capital partielle ou total en course de vie et à l’échéance.

  • The structured products are not suitable for elderly investors (over 70 years old, non respect of their investor profile) or those wishing to leave before the start of the product.

  • L’attention des investisseurs est vestirée sur le fact qu’en investissant sur des titres de créance ils prenn un credit risk sur l’Metteur et sur le Garant de la formulas. You support the possible risk of default of payment and bankruptcy of the issuer, so the risk of default of payment, bankruptcy and resolution of the formula.

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