“Au truck en plus”, traditional and seasonal cuisine

The Rolland couple proudly display it on their food truck, which they have just named “Au truck en plus”.

“Our concept is to change the image of the food truck care that is associated with snacking. It offers a traditional, family-friendly cuisine that respects the seasons. So right now we make lamb navarins, blanquettes. In June, what will be des ratatouilles »explains Thierry Rolland.

To make this idea come to mind after a day of years, the couple took advantage of the collective agreement break plan at Michelin, where Thierry worked for 33 and to finance the creation of the company and the purchase of the truck.

Rotisseries and slow cookers for rent

« We are lovers of cooking but I trained. I have obtained a hotel and restaurant license, an ECOSURE certification against waste and an operating license for alcoholic beverages. »

Street vendors, services or rentals at events, just created, the Rolland couple’s truck multiplies the offers and already proves that it has one more thing since a concept of renting or providing rotisserie for barbecues or giant mechs is also set up.

And Thierry and Severine Rolland don’t plan to stop there. “We have a laboratory built in our house to develop our concept of takeaway stews.” The principle is simple, we reserve a dish that we take in the slow cooker to connect at home to keep the connection warm. There is only one thing to serve. »


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