Auto. You have been terminated, what insurance to continue driving?

You can see your car insurance contract terminated for various reasons: high number of liability claims, non-payment of premium, withdrawal of license, false declaration, attempted fraud …

The first consequence of resistance, you considered a risk profile. Is it still the case that the law requires you to have a contract to drive. Suddenly, your profile will complicate the search for a new insurer.

Challenge the decision or not?

Due to this resistance, it seems unjustified, you can perfectly face a negotiation with your insurer. If it fails, it is also possible to take legal action. The steps you are going to take take time and do not involve you driving for the duration of the procedure.

In all cases, you are registered in the termination files of the Agira (Association for the Management of Insurance Risk Information) and all insurers and brokers consulting this basis before making a proposal. Or not.

A serious consequence

The reason for the termination is recorded in the Agira car termination file for two years, unless your insurer terminated you for a claim (within five years).

If an insurer agrees to insure you, they can charge you a surcharge ranging from 50% to 150% (if you are responsible for an accident under the influence of alcohol). If you cannot find an insurer, you can apply to the BCT (Central Tariff Office) after choosing an insurer. The BCT may require an insurer to offer you a contract with a third party (no other choice).

Find insurance

You may want to turn to companies that specialize in insuring defects and resilience. Problème, they are generally more expensive than traditional companies, but you may be less likely to choose coverage and better protect yourself. Even if the rates are high, they allow you to run legally with a good level of guarantees. Insurance comparators can help you with your research.

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