Avant Rennes – Marseille – A sterile possession in the face of a dynamite attack: OM in the face of its kryptonite?

This is the most important match of the 37th day. The one who can ratify everything or, on the contrary, relaunch everything. And to top it all off, the clash between Rennes and Marseille this Saturday (9pm) will also be a real style opposition. On the one hand, the explosive Breton attack. On the other hand, the Marseille collective is rooted in “Sampaolian” ideas. “On the best team at home, l’OM is the best team awayalso has CV Bruno Genesio, coach of the SRFC, in a press conference. So for me it’s a very balanced game at the beginning. “

This balance should revolve around a key factor: possession. Behind Paris Saint-Germain, no other naked club monopolizes the ball more than Marseille (62.1% possession against 62.8 for PSG). The 11-year-old Phocean still lives on the automatisms instilled by the Argentine coach, even though, in recent months, this nature has rather tended to make the construction of his game sterile… and that naked has not always allowed him to take the upper hand over his direct opponents.

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We have the resources to hurt them

OM had the ball at the Parc (58%) and the Allianz Riviera (55.5%), but had lost to Paris (2-1) and had only taken one point in Nice (1-1). Paradoxically, his best match on the lawn of a big fish was in Monaco (0-2), where the Olympians had let their opponent come.

Despite this, the Marseillais will remain true to their philosophy when approaching their match at Roazhon Park. “What an intense matchnoted Valentin Rongier at a press conference. Rennes attacks a lot. But depriving our opponents of the ball will put them in trouble. We have the resources to hurt them. “

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Conversely, however, Rennes never seemed as dangerous at home as when he left control of the game to the opposing team. Paris is well placed (2-0) just like Lyon (4-1) in a minor. “Their strengths and weaknesses are well knownconfides Jorge Sampaoli. They know ours. The most important thing is to see how one can dominate this Rennes team and its large volume of attack. And when we have the possession, bother them and push them away from our surface. “

Marsilia in the face of the Rennes permutations

OM needs mastery and has ended up strengthening its organization by taking an increasingly pragmatic approach. Players’ movements are arranged like music paper, especially those of the corridor men (and Rongier, in the hybrid role).

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Rennes strikers, on the other hand, are capable of creating disorder, through cross-runs and permutations. That’s how they crushed Lyon. “We knew that as soon as we were able to get out of their pressingwe were going to have spaces, said Benjamin Bourigeaud after the success against the Rhone club. We had to work hard on it, which we did. “Two weeks ago, OL were inspired by Feyenoord to beat OM. This time, Rennes could take the example of its success against Lyonnais to do the same.

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