AXA proposes 300 million euros for restaurateurs, taxation and business law

After several months of tension with the restorative world, insurer AXA preferred an amicable settlement to the iron arm. The insurer, in a legal dispute with many customers, has in fact proposed to compensate the approximately 15,000 restaurateurs who have been forced to close during the various confinements.

Specifically, what are less than 300 million euros, because the insurer is ready for disbursements for restaurateurs. Asked about Europe 1, Thomas Buberl, CEO of AXA, confirmed the information unveiled by the Parisian / Today in France. “It’s not compensation, it’s a transaction to end the judicial blur,” he said.

A political exclusion clause

Why such an argument between the insurer and thousands of its customers? The source of this conflict is the refusal of AXA to indemnify some of these restaurateurs for the closure of their establishment even though they believe that they have taken out an insurance contract with a guarantee of loss of operation.

Or, AXA argued, if this guarantee provided for compensation in the event of an administrative closure, in particular in the event of an “epidemic”, the insurer emphasized that it was accompanied by an exclusion clause. Clause care applied if “at least one other establishment in the department” was closed administratively for the same reasons.

As a result, AXA estimates that its contracts did not cover national or global epidemics. This has led many restaurateurs to file complaints. But justice has never been clear in the course of the months. Sometimes leaning on the side of the restaurateurs and other times on the side of the insurer.

All the restaurateurs involved

AXA decided not only to take a general look at litigation. And to compensate all the restaurateurs involved: whether or not they have sued and, if so, whether or not they have won their lawsuit. Even those who were insured with the group in 2020 and chose to change insurers in 2021 need to be contacted.

According to a statement issued this Thursday morning by the insurer, “the proposal for a transactional indemnity aims to cover an amount equivalent to 15% of the turnover of the restaurant business, on the period of administrative measures prohibiting the reception of from the public on 14 March 2020 and 29 October 2020 […] It is envisaged that this amicable settlement will be open from 21 June to 30 September 2021. ‘

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