Bagneux: he beat his dog and martyred him with an electric collar

The dog was constantly living with an electric impulse collar, this disputed dressage apparatus, in principle used to prevent canids from moving away or barking. But Bandit, a Bulldog crusader, was constantly receiving dumps. “It’s all about pain,” said a relative. It also caused burns on the skin of his neck, burns transformed into infected wounds.

This abuse is not the only one his landlord has endured. “He was running the dog behind his scooter, all the way,” added another relative of the investigation. “And he was beating him.” ยป

It was when a neighbor of this abusive master witnessed a violent scene that the alert was given. This woman called the SPA, witnessing blows to the stomach of the animal forced to wear the infernal necklace. Several reports describing the ill-treatment were addressed to the SPA throughout the beginning of the year.

The SPA filed a complaint

Last February, an investigating delegate from the association visited the owner three times, who never opened his door. The SPA then sent him a letter of formal notice. Which he ignored. And testimonials about the Bandit owner’s behavior continued to pour in. Also, on April 9, the association last filed a complaint for acts of cruelty.

This Tuesday, the police went to the house of this 31-year-old man, rue Louis-Pasteur in Bagneux. He was absent. Police entered his apartment, where they found the animal subjected to the pulses of the electric collar and in very poor condition. The dog, about 2 years old, is now being cared for by the animal welfare association.

Its owner was summoned to the police station, where he showed up on Wednesday. Placed in custody, he said he would return the collar to his dog as soon as he retrieved it. It’s not about to arrive. The man will first have to appear before the Nanterre Correctional Court, where he will be summoned in March next year. He faces up to three years in prison and 45,000 euros. It’s a permanent ban on owning an animal. If the judges make such a decision, the SPA may propose the dog for adoption. In the meantime, the association will treat him and try to restore his confidence in the man.

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