Beach club in Argelès-sur-Mer: “In the kitchen, a women’s brigade is refinement and lace”

It’s rare, maybe even unique on the coast, for a 9th season beach club. Chef Leila is all the more proud that she was trained at the Bourquin Hotel High School, as is Thomas the manager. Despite a complicated recruitment, Julien Gallos bets on the quality, originality and friendly atmosphere of a cosmopolitan establishment.

A good winter mop, a little rest and it’s back for Julien Gallos, still as enthusiastic as in his early days. A motivation based on the concept of success of the son, an elegant, tolerant and semi-gastronomic beach club, which is now a reference.

The New Wave resists and innovates. This year, despite the difficulties in finding staff, “Juju” chose to entrust the kitchen to Leila sprawled by a brigade of totally involved girls. A 29-year-old chef, who wields his weapons in large houses, as does his right arm Amina formed by a famous Toque blanche du Roussillon. „It is a boon and a great confidence, the team map is remarkable. For me, each plate is a painting, a signature, everything is thought of from the tastes of dressage, to the finesse of the cut and precision. cooking, especially for fragile fish such as redfish, “ confides Leila, recalling with a smile her career that began with a bachelor’s degree in cooking and then a BTS at the Bourquin Hotel High School. And she is not the only local of the stage, in the middle of this international team, there is also Thomas, the manager shared between the Cerdagne and the more care who also obtained bac pro and BTS the Algerian high school.

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It only prevents Julien Gallos, himself from a hotel school: “It’s hard to understand, students are sent on internships on the Côte d’Azur, so yes it’s prestigious, but there are also beautiful institutions here. There is a missing link for recruitment, and it’s good damage ”.

Note that the famous wicker heart of La nouvelle vague, installed on the beach from the age of 3 has become an unmissable photo-place, which continues to make buzz on the networks.

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