Beni: start of the car insurance forced recovery campaign

Photo Radio Okapi/Marc Maro”/>

The National Insurance Corporation (SONAS) has been launching a forced car insurance recovery campaign in Beni, North Kivu, since Monday, June 6.

Through this operation, this state-owned company has the support of the police of the mobile intervention group and the traffic police.

I note that since the launch of this control campaign, vehicle traffic has been reduced in the main arteries of Beni.

Vehicles in circulation are those of the national police, the army, NGOs, rarely those of private individuals who are not in order.

Several vehicles that tried to drive without insurance documents were seized by police officers.

However, the presence of police officers with their weapons in this operation worries the people of Beni.

Beni police spokesman Nasson Murara explains the reasons for the police to take up arms:

“The police are there first and foremost to secure people and their property.” When she is deployed in the field for an operation, she has to work with her work tools. Like someone who goes to the office, he must have a piece of paper and a pen. And the policeman must have two weapons: lethal and non-lethal ”.

Add that Beni is an operational area, the police must be prepared to deal with all the events of the attack.

“We are in an operational area where the enemy is profiting from various law enforcement operations. That’s why the weapon is always next door. Not to shoot the driver or the person who is going to resist. But for prevention, ”said Nasson Murara.

However, some drivers in Beni regretted that they had not been informed before the start of this closure operation.

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