“Benzema deserves the Golden Balloon”

Present in Rothen ignites, this Tuesday night on RMC, the former Bleus midfielder Mathieu Valbuena reacted for the very first time to Karim Benzema’s decision to waive his conviction in the so-called sextape case . Content to be able to “move on”, the Olympiacos player assures that he must not have a grudge against his former teammate. And he even wants to postpone the Golden Ball.

These are the words of a relieved, soothing man. And not at all in revenge. While Karim Benzema gave up a few days ago to appeal his sentence to one year suspended imprisonment (and a fine of 75,000 euros) in the alleged case of the sextape of Mathieu Valbuena, the offensive midfielder of Olympiacos and consultant RMC Sport – victim in this case – reacted for the first time this Tuesday night in Rothen flames.

Glad to be able to “move on” after nearly seven years of twists and turns, the former international is “not resentful”. And even wishes the best to his former teammate at the Blues, from a sporting point of view.

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“What would not have been an honor to say that it is not worth the Golden Balloon”

If Benzema’s lawyer spoke last week about a “judicial truth (which) is not reality,” Valbuena does not want to get into the short sentence. “It’s their defense,” he said. the most important thing is to be able to move on, because seven years is nothing. Then here it is. , simply.”

As proof, Mathieu Valbuena hailed the remarkable season of “KB9”, winner of the Liga and Champions League with Real Madrid. “It wouldn’t be fair to say he doesn’t deserve the Golden Ball,” he said. “Yes, he deserves the Golden Ball. I can speak objectively on a sporting level. I make my way, too, there’s no problem. “

While Benzema is on his way to Madrid, Valbuena will continue his adventures in Greece. “I have an oral agreement (for an extension) with Olympiacos, we just have to sign the papers, but normally I continue, reveals the 37-year-old. I am very happy there, I am very happy in this club, in this pay too. “

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