Best life insurance 2022: 70 contracts selected by Le Revenu

To help you choose your life insurance, Le Revenu analyzes all the contracts open for subscription every year. In 2022, the editorial staff pre-selected 70 best contracts in the market and awarded a Trophée d’Or to 36 of them. Find out in the exhaustive list.

For fifty years, life insurance has won a leading place in French investments. In 2022, there are 53 million open contracts, representing an astronomical amount of almost 1.9 trillion euros, according to the France Assureurs federation.

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And the offer continues to seduce! Every month, many French people open a life insurance policy for the first time or sign a new contract. In fact, unlike certain regulated bank investments (Booklet A, PEA, etc.), you can open all the guarantees you want. In fact, 54% of French people with life insurance have two or more contracts.

How to choose from hundreds of proposals

However, if there are about thirty life insurance companies active in the market in France, on the other hand, there are hundreds of different life insurance contracts developed, sold and managed by very different distributors: brokers, mutual societies, banks , insurance networks, etc.

For savers, choose o life insurance can turn to puzzle! Turn to guide them, they Income rewards every year since 1978, the best life insurance contracts open for sale.

The jury first pre-selects 70 contracts according to their distribution network. Then, among these, the writing of the Income awards a Golden Trophy to contracts that, in 2022, were particularly distinguished according to a rigorous methodology based on 20 selection criteria.

Here is the list of the 70 best insurances in 2022 of most of the 34 Trophées d’Or premium contracts.

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