Béziers: a young man threatens his neighbors with his 1st category dog ​​and ends up in detention

A man has been remanded in custody pending trial on June 22 because he was not deemed fit to be released on bail, even with very strict judicial control and forced removal.

On May 21, in Béziers, the defendant had a dispute with his neighbors. He threatened them with his 1st class dog and then deliberately demolished the front door of their apartment.

Depressions on victims

According to the representative of the public ministry, there is no doubt about the fact that the individual is released, the aura of pressure on the victims, but also the risks of detaining the facts.

For Solène Mangin, who is defending the defendant: “I regret that the judge of liberties and detention did not envisage a very strict detention in the context of a very supervised judicial review. This would have prevented detention. The problem of neighborhood is obvious and yet nothing is to solve this problem. “

“The young man did not have a happy childhood”

The defendant has already been convicted. He was serving his sentence of carrying out work of general interest.

“He is a very young man. He did not have a happy childhood and was placed in a home from an early age. He obeys all orders given to him by justice. He tries to work and has contacts. “Frequent and successful with the services of the MLI. You just have to help him deal with his alcohol and violence problems by following him and he can finally be banned from appearing in Béziers.”continued Mr. Mangin.

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