Bladder hyperactivity, a side effect of the vaccine?

Many people vaccinated against Covid-19 report a new side effect, bladder hyperactivity. Explanations.

More than 52 million French people are completely vaccinated against Covid-19. Over the months and studies, researchers have learned more about the outlines of the virus and the potential adverse effects of the vaccine. If not everyone is affected by the same side effects, most vaccinated people report pain at the injection site, headaches, muscle aches, fever or chills.

Moreover, a new side effect has been reported in vaccination with researchers at Kaohsiung University in Taiwan. According to them, the vaccine against Covid-19 could be the cause of urinary tract disorders. The findings were published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine.

To achieve this observation, they collected responses obtained through surveys published online. “Participation in this search was voluntary, therefore, it did not receive any financial compensation, no other incentive, which minimized any information and selection,” said the authors of this study.

Increased urge to urinate

In terms of results, 13.4% of respondents reported side effects on the urinary system. The majority of people concerned have a compelling need to urinate and an increased urge to urinate. Others have reported incontinence vaccination.

At the reception, the National Medicines Agency (ANSM) published a comprehensive list of possible side effects of vaccination against Covid-19 with Pfizer and Moderna. In addition to more classic consequences, she now mentions bladder hyperactivity.

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