Bon Bao, brioches born of a fusion between Asian and French cuisine

We must believe that baos are the trend in Strasbourg! After Turbo Bao, when it tested in January just after opening, it was Bon Bao who took his quartiers à la Petite France. Open since mid-April on rue des Dentelles, Bon Bao is set in the place of the Alsatian winstub Tante Liesel and features around 30 seats. Inside, you can still find the atmosphere of the old establishment, thanks to the preserved wooden beams. On the deco side, the team focused on pale pink, mismatched reclaimed tables and chairs, with a lot of effort on the plant – a special mention for the (false) green wall that brings a real zen and fresh side.

One year to make the dough

As for the menu, the choice is wide: here, the specialty is homemade baos – these little steamed and stuffed buns, very common in Asian street food. Baos buns, too, prepared with the same dough as baos, this time open, and topped with meat and / or vegetables. “It took a year to find our famous and current gourmet bao paste,” says the card. The idea is to make your own composition, by checking the menu: you also have the choice with a menu at € 12.50 (only offered at noon on weekdays), consisting of a bao, d a salad, a soft or sweet bao and a sauce. Pour les plus grandes faims, it is possible to choose the menu at 18 €, with two baos or two good baos. Finally, the € 22 menu offers the total (bah yeah, why choose?): Two baos, a salad, a sauce, a dessert and an app.

So I opt for the € 18 menu, with a Chinese cabbage salad, carrot and peanut sauce, a caramelized pork bao with galbi barbecue sauce and another with duck fillet, celery, onion, carrot, ginger and lime. Impossible not to taste the baos buns (compare story): served in pairs, I choose the recipe of the moment, with pleurotes and garlic and pepper sauce. “Everything is homemade,” promises the waitress – who is also very nice and caring. The promise is tempting.

An explosion of rescuers

Dressed in a vintage and Alsatian service, the smallest buns, very colorful, are gorgeous and greeted with sacramental resurrection. And they are as beautiful as they are good: I loved the mushroom topping. The baos, meanwhile, arrive in a bamboo basket, to keep them warm. And on the palate, it’s an explosion of flavors: a special mention for the caramelized pork bao, a real treat. The duck brioche, also very good, is a bit dry in comparison. As for the Chinese cabbage and peanut salad, I will have only one word: a killer (you really have to kiffer the peanut on the other hand, because the taste is really very pronounced). The homemade feels on the plate, the buns are made with love, no doubt.

The perfect gourmet touch

What to say about the dessert, which we enjoyed taking on the comfort sofa to the right of the entrance: in the menu, the baos with spread are served in pairs. For twice as much fun (who would have guessed? Brioche + flowing chocolate = life). One thing is for sure: after this complete menu (coupled with two more salty good baos), it’s the PLS assured. But we clearly enjoyed ourselves. On the price side, excluding the menu and individually, the entrees are offered between 6 and 7 € (you can find homemade stuffed ravioli or pork skewers), the topped and hyper tasty salads between 5 and 6 €, the baos (pork, duck, vegetables and mushrooms) between 5 and 6 €, buns baos (with duck, pork and the recipe of the moment, always served in pairs) between 13 and 14.50 €, sauces (peanuts; good bao ; Thai ketchup and ginger mayo) between € 2 and € 2.50 and more desserts (baos pâte à tartiner par deux, bao aux petits de ciocolata, pandișpan…) between € 3.50 and € 7.

In the end, our bill amounts to € 45 (one menu for € 18, another for € 12.50 and good baos served in pairs for € 14.50). Note that the menu alone is enough (the one at 18 € if you are a good eater) so the value for money is clearly reasonable. Thumbs up for this tasty break, sheltered from the bustle of the neighborhood.

Bon Bao, 4, rue des Dentelles in Strasbourg. Open from Thursday to Monday from 12 noon to 2 pm and from 7 pm to 9.30 pm.

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