Brittany: the flight of a puppy mobilizes Internet users and celebrities

At just 4 months old, Sunny, an American shepherd puppy, disappeared on April 29. His mistress, Nathalie, has been trying to find him ever since, mobilizing many internet users on social media, and even several personalities.

It was while returning from a walk in Plouarzel (Finistère) that the owner of the animal was questioned by a couple who were interested in his pet care business, she told Parisien, after tying her dog to the back passenger seat of the car and then going to take care of that of a customer. As the woman asked him questions, the man stood back a little, calling for a phone call. It wasn’t until they left that she realized that Sunny was gone and her strap had been severed.

Panicked, she then tried to follow the couple’s van, without success. She therefore went directly to the Saint-Renan gendarmerie to file a complaint. “It could be imported anywhere in France, even abroad”she dreaded.


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