Brunoy: After discovering a decapitated dog, Brigitte Bardot launches a call to witness

They will do everything to find the perpetrator and bring him to justice. This Friday morning, a Malinois shepherd dog was found dead on rue d’Yerres, in Brunoy (Essonne). The animal was on the sidewalk, partly hidden by garbage bags.

“It was a friend who contacted me, disgusted to see that such a dead animal could have been left behind,” said Jenny Jen, a volunteer with the Brigitte Bardot Foundation. I couldn’t go straight there. I asked her to come back and take pictures. At that moment, she had seen only what looked like a wound. »

It was as she got closer that she discovered the horror: the animal was beheaded. His head was not found. “There was no blood on the spot.” The dog also has no injuries that could have thought that his death was due to a road accident, says the volunteer. With the evidence together, we believe the animal was killed elsewhere and dumped here as rubbish. »

“I’ve never seen that before”

Thierry, a local, agrees. His wife had seen the body that morning while driving through this busy, one-way street. “She only saw the garbage bags, she thought of a wild dump,” he said. It was during the day that my daughter informed me that it was a beheaded dog. It’s very shocking. The shorebird confirms he has never heard of a neighborhood problem caused by a dog. “There are those who bark, as everywhere.” But no one deserves such a fate, ”he says.

Bruno Gallier, the mayor (LR) of the commune was alerted to the discovery. “We are deeply shocked by this unprecedented violence,” he said. I’ve never seen that before. We have a body that recovers dead animals. We asked them to do their best to identify the owner of the animal. But there is no indication at this time that he lived in Brunoy. The person who did this may live elsewhere and may well have dropped it off in passing. »

A street that may not have been chosen by chance. The road runs along a railway track on one side and the small park of a condominium on the other. “This complicates any neighborhood investigation,” the mayor confirms.

The Brigitte Bardot Foundation intends to file a complaint. After showing the wound to veterinarians, the association has already requested that an autopsy be performed, said Jenny Jen, who launched a call for witnesses on her Facebook account (Jenny Jen PA). More than a hundred people have already responded to their outrage. And to demand a sentence commensurate with “this barbarism.”

“It simply came to our notice then. “We hope to gather as much information as possible,” concludes Jenny Jen. This is the first time I have faced such horror. It is especially important for me to find the person who did this to him. Especially since one can ask questions: today it is about a dog but tomorrow? »

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