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Au Cambodge, peut être encore plus qu’ailleurs, le besoin d’être bien assureur contre les accidents de la vie is paramount. AG Cambodia vient réponder à ce need with more than 15 years of experience. is maintained with David Treal, fondateur and director d’AG Cambodia because he talks to us about insurance solutions in Cambodia and interest de s’adresser à un courtier. This interview is the first in a series of reports dedicated to ensuring that we decline every month to read more lectures.

Bonjour David, what is the difference between an insurance broker and an insurer?

A courtier en assurance travaille for his client, defined ses needs and lui apporte des solutions d’assurance sur mesure. Our métier consists of risk analysis and coverage advice, which takes into account all aspects related to knowledge of Cambodian practice and usage.

We have access to the entire market and comparisons for solutions adapted to insurers, which allows you to support a reliable contract, a better price with a quality service. We ensure ensuite to your management contracts et apportons our assistance sinistre qui reste le cœur de notre métier.

En cas de sinistre doit-on contacter diremente l’assureure ou apportez-vous une assistance sinistre?

We prioritize the customer’s peace of mind in order to provide support in stressful times following a disaster. Our francophone team supports 24/7 dedicated support for all customers. In the event of an accident or emergency, our office directly receives the requests to transmit an immediate response and takes charge of claims in maximizing the guarantees of the contract. Noi veillons à ce ca le sinistre soit payé par l’assureure dans les meilleurs délais et apportons une assistance complète, from the collection of documents or reimbursement or à la prize en charge dans les hôpitaux.

What are the most common risks I assure you in Cambodia?

It requires various for individuals or businesses. We apportons des solutions for all situations of health insurance, vehicle or home for the particularities of coverage. .

L’assurance santé reste le premier need d’assurance des familles expatriées. L’assurance Auto is le second need sachant that the risk d’accident on les routes au Cambodge is very élevé. Finally, l’assurance habitation is also very useful to protect your house or apartment.

Comment bien choisir son assurance santé au Cambodge?

The French who settles in Cambodia does not benefit from social security, it is also necessary to ensure himself with international solutions that allow him to take charge of hospitalization worldwide and reimburse vos frais medical pendant expatriation. .

It is important to be well advised in the choice of your health cover, car les guarantees varied by a contract à l’autre and you must have a contract that has a guaranteed renouvellement with a cotisation mutualisée to take charge of your maladie over the long term. He must be vigilant to the terms of the contract, which may exclude chronic diseases or propose very low ceilings, which could not cover expensive hospitalizations.

After consulting an adapted contract, new interventions to provide local assistance, to set prices in the hospitalization task and the organizer with the health evacuation insurance companies. Nous assurons le suivi des demandes de remboursement pour des remboursements rapides.

Depuis more than 15 years, we are there to propose perennial solutions and apportons an effective assistance to discover the needs of medical care in real time.

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