CAM launches a product dedicated to agriculture to ensure compulsory disease

Crédit Agricole du Maroc (CAM), the leading partner of farmers and the rural world, is mobilizing for the program to generalize social coverage for the benefit of farmers.
The bank lance “Tasbiq Addaman Al-Ijtimaii”, a product dedicated to Compulsory Health Insurance (AMO), and met a specific device for the program attendant. CAM is mobilizing alongside the Ministry of Agriculture. The details.

Crédit Agricole du Maroc (CAM), the leading partner for farmers and the rural world, is mobilizing alongside the Ministry of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development and Water and Forests and the Caisse Nationale de Securité Sociale (CNSS) for the success of the program of generalization of social coverage benefit the farms by launching a product dedicated to the AMO “Tasbiq Addaman Al-Ijtimaii” and putting in place a specific device to accompany the program.

Improving the living conditions of farmers

L’accompagnement du Crédit Agricole du Maroc is part of Mohammed VI’s vision and dreams of promoting the human element and improving the living conditions of farmers and their families in rural areas. It aims to facilitate and support their membership in the AMO scheme while simplifying the procedures for levying contributions and reimbursing AMO benefits for farmers.

This accompaniment is based on the three main axes:

– date exchange;

– communication and awareness of beneficiaries;

– banking and financial inclusion.

The date exchange component consisted of sharing with stakeholders the necessary information about farmers eligible for this operation in order to make them more reliable and allows the CNSS to be able to serve as many beneficiaries as possible.

In terms of communication and awareness of the beneficiaries, CAM will mobilize its extensive network of Crédit Agricole du Maroc branches and subsidiaries (ARDI Foundation, Tamwil El Fellah, Al Filahi Cash and Al Akhdar Bank); its mobile agencies allow to reach farmers based in the most enclaved areas and regions, its Customer Relations Center, so that its digital channels using various digital services developed by the bank have in recent years in particular the application dedicated to farmers “Imtiazat-e”.

Banking and financial inclusion

The third axis, relating to banking and financial inclusion, should facilitate the regularity of AMO contributions and allow farmers to receive repayments of CNSS benefits in the best possible conditions. For this, a banking product dedicated to “Tasbiq Addaman Al-Ijtimaii” has been put in place.
It is discussed in advance that CAM automatically grants agriculture on demand and without any guarantee and that ensures the collection of monthly CNSS on the professional account of agriculture for a longer running time up to three. years, even in the absence of a provision.
This provision allows agriculture to benefit from full social coverage and AMO benefits.

CNSS refunds are served on the farmer’s personal account, ie the situation of the professional account, less the AMO contributions made by the bank.
For this and in order to effectively support this large-scale operation, Crédit Agricole du Maroc is rethinking the relationship with the farmer, now making available to it two separate and completely airtight accounts for it:

– a baptized professional account “Hssab Al Ard” related to his farm and professional activity and whose identification will be based on the new National Agricultural Register (RNA);

– a baptized personal account “Hssab Dar” to manage his personal and family needs.

They will also be available in digital version.

The subscription to “Tasbiq Addaman Al-Ijtimaii” will be made in this context.

A Center de Relation Client dedicated in a pedagogical march to promote and explicitly the program of generalization of social coverage benefit farmers.

The CRC at the service of the farmer

Finally, the Crédit Agricole du Maroc will set up a device to strengthen the assistance and support of agriculture by mobilizing the Center de Relation Client dédié (CRC) as part of a pedagogical action for clarification and mobilization. more potential beneficiaries on the benefits and interest of this program of generalization of the social coverage for the benefit of farmers.
CRC actions are declined by:

– Phoning actions (outgoing calls) to explain to eligible beneficiaries how it works and how;

– Receiving incoming calls to answer farmers’ questions on this subject;

– Sending VOICE SMS to communicate the benefits of this program to farmers and encourage them to subscribe.
In order to ensure the success of the program of generalization of social coverage for the benefit of farmers and contribute to the largest federation, the CAM will launch a dedicated multichannel communication device and a large pedagogical communication campaign.

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