can it replace traditional ovens and appliances?

An extra solar oven used by the restaurant Le Présage in Marseille / Imagine: RE-HL

An alternative to gas and electricity, solar cooking is attracting more and more individuals, but also professionals. Some restaurants even make them their specialty. Many companies have invested in the market and proposed kitchen kits with the only rayonnement du soleil. We take stock of the current offer.

Solar cooking: how does it work?

Of course, the operation of a solar cooker is based exclusively on the rays of the sun! This involves capturing this radiation as much as possible to heat a black-tinted container, inside which food is stored. The prince is very simple.

It is possible to cook a wide variety of plates, thanks to the oven, grills, dehydrateurs, planchas and solar eau driver. These devices must obviously have access to direct, unobstructed radiation throughout the course of the sun’s sky. It comes in different forms: parabola, reflective panels or ovenswhose size varies considerably depending on the power and temperature stability sought.

The solar oven designed by Solar Brother.

Convert your professional cuisine into ecological cuisine

Whether you are a restaurateur or a baker, you have in common the use of a very energy-intensive and therefore expensive professional kitchen. It’s pouring reduces your gas or electricity bill and if you have enough outdoor space, it may be worthwhile to look at new, more environmentally friendly cooking methods. A solution far from being fanciful, as illustrated by this Marseille restaurateur who prepares all his meals from ovens and solar cookers. Encouraged by the participation of the public and communities around the concept of sound, he will invest in a grand restaurant bioclimatique in hard.

He has to admit, though the market is still very confidential to professionals. The range of solar ovens is limited but expands over time. We have listed some models available for sale on the Internet. Sold for € 4,990, Solar Brother’s “Sunchef Pro” Concentration Furnace Promises to Touch temperature of 250 ° C. It has a capacity of 36 liters, which will be able to prepare a meal in 20 minutes for 10 to 50 people, depending on the recipe.

Significantly more powerful, the “Sheffler” dish oven allows greater cooking flexibility. It can, for example, heat a large plancha, even when the sky is veiled. In addition to the difficulty of finding them on the market, its price remains high: about 30,000 euros.

Finally, pour les boulangers, the “Lytefire” brand offers for sale or for rent a four-story building that will allow you to make 5 to 8 provided per day depending on the season. Available prices are only on request. The idea of ​​a location offer is original and can allow testing the material before investing in durability in this way of working.

Why not install a solar cooker at home?

If you want to arrange a solar kitchen in your garden, it is possible. There are several benefits to solar cooking. The main one is at a milder temperature, which allows the food to simmer and therefore preserve flavors and nutrients. It is also more environmentally friendly, as it avoids consuming fossil fuels or electricity. The material is composed of easily recyclable basic materials (steel, aluminum, glass) which are highly durable.

In addition, these cookers can be used anywhere and especially on a beach since they do not produce flame or smoke. Regarding maintenance, a simple regular water cleaning of your cookers is enough. A good classic to protect when not in use, especially in the middle of winter.

Of course, solar cooking requires some trade-offs. As cooking is slower, they require more anticipation but also to accept a temperature variability depending on cloudy passages. On bad weather days, it will obviously be impossible to use your solar cooker. Finally, solar cooking kits come at a fairly high cost that is not necessarily affordable for all purses.

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Solar cookers for individuals

Individuals benefit from a more comprehensive catalog of solar cookers than professionals. Travelers, self-employed, environmentalists, more and more people are interested in alternative modes of energy production. You find a whole range of products, in a very wide range from 90 to 800 euros. Here are some examples of material:




The maximum temperature



Sungood foldable solar cooker

€ 89.95

2 to 4 people

120 ° C

380 W

950 g

Patru solar ID Cook Cookup Inox

€ 399

5 people

200 ° C

Not specified

7 kg

Four solar Sunparabolic 140

€ 649

12 people

300 ° C

1 070 W

17 kg

Grate GoSun fusion

€ 599

5 to 8 people

270 ° C

Not specified

6.3 kg

Before you invest in a more powerful appliance, you may want to start by testing the solar cooker with an inexpensive entry-level model. The brand Brother Solar also offers small solar cookers for children, sold for 25 euros. A way to get younger people used to running renewable energy.

Solar cooking, a good complement to traditional cooking methods

Several advantages of solar cooking, these will never replace all traditional ovens and appliances currently used by professionals and individuals. Not everyone has the space, sunshine, and time to use solar equipment. It is, however, a good complement, especially in the sunniest regions.

In a restaurant, she can dress up a loyal customer base sensitive to an ecological cooking method. In the winter months, however, you will have to rely on more traditional energy sources such as wood and do not want to use gas or electricity.

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