Can we eat the black end of the banana? Many people are wrong

Do you cut off the dark end of the banana before eating it? So many people do it without wondering why. What would happen if someone ate that part? Find out what is the dark side of bananas and what you need to know. One thing is for sure: you will know better about this fruit rich in minerals and vitamins!

Banana is a fruit that most people love and is one of the staple foods in our kitchen. Not to be outdone, it is cheap and has many benefits for the body. During the day, it helps to stay healthy, lose weight and improve bowel function.

What happens when you eat the dark end of a banana?

black bananas

Black bananas on the table – Source: spm

The dark part at the end of the banana does not look very appetizing. It also has a different texture and taste than the rest of the fruit. But is it really toxic? Elle may contain pesticides and toxins and consumption may cause abdominal pain and diarrhea depending on certain rumors on the WEB.

This information is completely false. Consumption of banana extremity is safe.

So where do all these scary theories come from? In the first cases of polio in the United States, due to little medical knowledge, it was reported that it was caused by the consumption of this part of the banana.

Eating a banana with a dark tip is not dangerous and you will not need to cut it.

What about the dark spots inside the bananas?

bananas dark spots

Bananas with dark spots – Source: spm

Does this mean that the dark parts of the banana are completely safe for us and there is nothing to fear? Complete step. It is the same in the case of fruits with skin covered with brown or even completely dark spots.

Des points noirs sur la peau indicate that the banana is very ripe. So it will be tasty and very sweet. This type of banana is very healthy because it helps regulate blood pressure and provides a significant amount of energy.

Fruits whose skin is covered with dark or completely brown spots are even more ripe than those that are spotted. They don’t look very attractive but they are really worth eating. These bananas are the sweetest and strengthen the immune system.

black spore on the banana

The black spore on the banana – Source: spm

But there is one thing that should be more troubling. This is a dark red or brown line that runs through the center of the banana or spots of this color on the surface of the fruit.

What a hallmark is that the banana tree was probably attacked by black moisture. At first glance, this is not a bigger threat. Provided you are not allergic to it. Unfortunately, this can be bypassed-but not unless you’re a techie who knows what he’s doing. Bottom line: For your own safety, it’s best not to eat such bananas.

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