Car insurance: How to pay cheaper in 2022 and save easily on your car budget?

When a vehicle is considered to be rolling, by law, it is mandatory to take out car insurance for it. From one firm to another, rates can vary, especially when you want the best guarantees. How to save on this expense item in 2022?

What are the points to look for to find the most suitable car contract?

When you are not careful, it is easy to pay for guarantees that are not or are no longer suitable. That is why it is imperative, before embarking on a search for cheap car insurance, to determine your needs in the light of your situation and your vehicle.

You will not choose the same contract if you are an experienced driver (even if this does not exclude the risk of an accident) if you have just obtained your license. Even if they are careful driving, young drivers are considered more at risk by insurance firms. For them, the amount of premiums is often high as long as they have this status.

Is the car used every day, to make many trips; if only in the professional context; or is it less than a number of kilometers per year? In the latter case, it is sometimes possible to obtain a preferential rate, as it is possible to insure several cars.

Finally, depending on the geographical area of ​​residence, certain risks are more common in other parts of France, such as the risk of avalanches or the presence of animals, which cross the frequency of routes and may use vehicles. full whip.

Once this is done, one has to look at which formula is best suited. In general, three separate proposals are made:

The most basic coverage level is third party insurance ; This is also called liability insurance. It allows the motorist to cover it if he is responsible for a car accident that has caused damage to others. This is a perfect deal when the car is not very new and the argus is not worth much anymore. It is impossible to sign less than this contract.

To this can be added different levels of warranty, for example concerning the breaking of ice or a theft that could be perpetrated on the vehicle or objects inside it. We then talk about one intermediate contract. This contract certainly allows you to be better covered in the event of a problem, but the amount of contributions already tends to increase.

Finally, there is all risk insurance, privileged by drivers who have, for example, a new car, a vehicle that is an important commodity, but also those who prefer to drive in the condition of some who will be covered, which could happen. However, it is important to read all the terms and conditions of the contract, so as not to have any negative surprises. It is one of the three most expensive contracts.

The best thing is to compare prices, and search for an insurance that fits your needs perfectly!

Find the Cheapest Car Insurance: Tips

To find an insurance policy that has a good level of coverage without a budget burden, you can opt for two solutions.

The premiere is to contact all environmental insurance firms to request a quote.

This approach can be extremely time consuming, as it will then take time to compare each proposal, which is not always easy, depending on the many criteria (franchise, lead time, quality of customer service, proximity to agency). …).

This is mainly because it is legally easier to change your car insurance when you want to find cheaper than online comparators.

Most often free of charge, these tools are easy to use. They must answer a questionnaire that will take into account the driver’s profile, but also the characteristics of the insurance vehicles. Indeed, the age, the brand, the model, the number of kilometers traveled can affect the price that will be given.

In a few instances, the motorist wills to the list of insurers who can meet his needs. He no longer has, at the level of equal coverage, to choose the least expensive contract. On some platforms, it is even possible to sign your contract online, without having to travel.

Knowing that the amount of car insurance can increase by up to 4% per year, it is important to regularly re-evaluate your needs and turn to an online comparator to save more than 200 euros on average each year.

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