Car insurance: Stop paying full price thanks to these 3 smart tips!

Car insurance rates are on the rise and have a direct impact on the overall household budget. They cover property and / or personal injury that your vehicle may cause to others. With this in mind, here are the smart tips that will allow you to amortize your car insurance.

Gather years of driving experience as a young driver

Due to the higher risk of accidents, car insurance dedicated to young drivers is exorbitant. However, the cost goes down as the years of accident-free driving experience increase. In this case, it is essential to be covered by an insurance policy as soon as you obtain your license, even if you drive occasionally.

Being included in the parents’ contract as an occasional driver allows you to obtain claims. The latter are useful to the young driver for taking out insurance. In addition, this approach increases the parents’ premium by 10% and thus saves more than € 300 after 5 years of non-claim certification.

Opt for the driver assistance system

A vehicle that has less than 5 and allows access to more driving aids, parking assistance, anti-collision alerts, trajectory corrector, automatic brake braking, etc. these systems provide extra safety and reduce the risk of accidents. As a result, you benefit from a 5 to 15% discount on RC (Civil Liability) and omnium.

Choose hybrid and electric vehicles

Some car insurance companies with CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) agree on reductions for low-pollution cars. The premium can be up to 20% off your RC and your car is 100% electric. In addition, a hybrid vehicle benefits from a 10% reduction if it emits less than 95 g of CO2/ km.

Compare the prices for easy savings on your manufacture and find a guarantee that will help you very well to the conductor!

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