caregivers are shocked by what is happening (Video)

A dog enters the gills

On Sunday, June 12, a stray dog ​​found itself in an unexpected situation in San Diego in the United States.

The scene took place in a zoo. Employees were terribly frightened to discover a stray doggie in the gorilla enclosure.

They do everything to help him

Employees are immediately greeted by the dog. But the gorilla had spotted the doggie. The two animals measured for a few moments.

Eventually, the doggie ran up to the gate kept ajar by the zoo staff. The gorilla ran after him, but quickly stopped. The dog was able to get out of the safe and safe gorilla pen.

He is safe

Members of the San Diego County Humane Society shelter have come to retrieve the dog to make it safe. They took him back to the shelter as they searched for his owner. The dog does not wear an identification chip.

Les soigneurs du zoo named the dog “Mighty Joe Young” and are very happy that no animals were blessed in this chance encounter.

The shelter indicated that the doggie was doing very well. The members of the shelter show that they are the owner and soon show up at the shelter to take him home.

Safe and sound at the exit of the zoo

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