CARTE Assurances reveals its new visual identity

In order to mark this new transition, “Carte Assurances” unveiled this Wednesday, June 15, 2022, at a press conference held at its headquarters in the Center Urbain Nord, a new visual identity and institutional signature.

Illustrated by a large C, the new logo embodies a change in the brand’s stance involving novelty, simplicity and modernity without detracting from its visual heritage.

The “Carte Assurances” logo symbolizes the values ​​of protection and security that ses assures offers to the company.

Indeed, from the date of June 15, 2022, all points of contact with the brand, to begin with signaling agencies, digital device, communications, harmonized around this visual identity in the phase with the sound of time. The dynamism, innovation, international openness and responsibility of the implications with ecosystems of startups, such as auxiliary levers s’attache “Carte Assurances” to consolidate performance and address the future with assurance.

“Today’s first innovation is media repositioning to keep pace with change, especially with the digital and digital world through the replacement of new insurance services. (online sales, contract management on website). On a lot of work, and to serve businesses and individuals (personal insurance). Our internationalization operation in Senegal is a success, ”said Mehdi Doghri, General Manager of Carte Assurances.

And to add: „Carte Assurances is a social insurer. Our goal is to go further to the particularities in which social needs are strong as in the field of health, which requires strong communication, hence this image new ”.

For more than 45 years, “Carte Assurances”, thanks to its teams, its network of general agents and its partners, has been able to make its mark on the insurance market. And in this goal, “Carte Assurances” continues to push the challenges even further in order to be in phase with its time.

“Carte Assurances” is a key player in the Tunisian insurance market. While it has always played an important role in hedging individuals, the company has been a market leader in risk for many years.

Always placing digitization at the heart of its development strategy, the Book of Assurances was the company’s premiere in 2020 of a complete electronic signature solution

Today, the needs of policyholders have changed and evolved, and in order to respond to this change, “Carte Assurances” is making sure to stand out once again by aligning with all the new requirements of the market.

Modernize the practice of insurance

The new signature therefore supports the futuristic vision of the brand, which aims to modernize the practice of insurance with new high value-added services. In anticipation of the expectations of a target in pursuit of excellence, “Carte Assurances” has chosen to place itself in a permanent dynamic of innovation and contribution to the progress of its policyholders.

A new, more intuitive website goes hand in hand with this new futuristic spirit. A 360 ° campaign will be deployed nationwide. Other news will also be unveiled next.

International forerunner

Aware that openness in the world and in Africa in particular is a sine qua non condition for further development of a network and its international references, “Carte Assurances” has since 2017 become the reference shareholder of the Senegalese company ASKIA (une compagnie d ‘ multi-branch insurance) which has already implemented the CARTE visual chart.

Since its creation in 1976, “Carte Assurances” has always worked to put its expertise to the benefit of a clientele of individuals, professionals and companies in order to support them in the selection and implementation of insurance plans that adapt to their needs. And it is thanks to the trust of its customers and the professionalism of its teams that the company has been able to maintain a leading position for the risks of the company and the individual, for several years.

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