Cat insurance: choice, guarantees and underwriting

Does this take out cat insurance?

There are three risks of losing money to a cat owner. In addition to the civil liability that can be caused by an animal caused by damage to a certain level, the owner of a supporter of the financial damage represented by the death of a purebred cat has a safe value. And that resulting from the costs of veterinary care exposed to care for the animal. Each of the risks can be covered by insurance.

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Civil liability guarantee

In general, the civil liability guarantee of your multi-risk contract, the coverage of the home and the handling of the harmful consequences due to your chat. It is necessary to check whether you are covered the one who has it in his custody) is responsible for the damage that the animal has caused to a third party (bites). , scratches, breakage, but also accident caused by the animal may cause more or less damage).

If you have more discussions, it’s a good idea to check your contract without limiting your name.

Cat mortality insurance

Mortality insurance provides for the payment of a capital allowance for the replacement of the deceased animal. This can be interesting, especially for owners who have acquired a high priced breed cat. To guarantee his cat registered in the Loof (official book of feline origins) against mortality by accident and disease is therefore to provide depending on the pedigree and the price of the animal and of course the cost of the guarantee.

A note: often the death guarantee is granted in addition to or as an option à la complémentaire santé which takes care of all or part of the veterinary expenses in the chat.

Health insurance for taking care of veterinary expenses

As veterinary rates are free, your cat’s health is exposed to sometimes high costs, depending on the chosen practitioner and the condition of the animal. Thus, a simple veterinary consultation costs on average 40 or 50 euros. Costs of analysis, radiological examination, not to mention surgical procedures that increase the addition, which can quickly climb to several hundred euros or more. That’s why it can be helpful to take out health insurance that covers some of the costs involved. Depending on your budget and the needs of the animals, different formulas plus or less additions are proposed by insurers.

Chat health insurance / mutual

The majority of market players (very often more or less specialized brokers) offer choice between 3 or 4 formulas. These formulas, like the one for your health supplement, provide more or less complete guarantees for an increasing cost between the basic and superior range guarantee.

What makes the difference between the formulas:

  • The extent of the coverage: limited to the risk of an accident and / or covering the accident and illness; but also to cover only the surgical costs and / or on the contrary a guarantee of the current care (consultation fees) with sometimes in the most complete formulas a coverage of the prevention costs adesea flat rate and by year of insurance ( sterilization, vaccines, deworming, descaling, antiparasitic treatment, etc.).
  • The repayment rate applicable to each warranty (especially for older cats which are sometimes subject to an age reduction). This percentage varies depending on insurers and formulas between 50 and 100%.
  • Annual prize ceiling which therefore limits the intervention of the insurer to a sum determined according to the formula (variable according to the insurers and the formulas between 1,000 to 2,500 euros).
  • The franchise which may be applicable annually, or by claim, or by deed (expressed in euros or as a percentage of the costs incurred).
  • Fewer exclusions Often and in particular, many diseases are generally excluded and vaccinations are not up to date. All unjustified medical operations or for aesthetic reasons, but also certain genetic or congenital diseases.
  • Deadlines, ie the waiting time before the bare warranty applies and which may vary depending on the warranty between 2 and 180 days and depending on the warranty involved. If the coverage is effective in the event of an accident after a period of 2 or 15 days according to the insurers, it usually varies between 30 and 60 days in illness and is covered from 120 to 180 days in surgery.
  • The existence or not of an annual prevention package (vaccination, sterilization, descaling, etc.).
  • The existence or not of a support service.

A note: Some high-end formulas may include guarantees of assistance, a flat rate in the event of the death of the animal and even for certain liability insurance contracts, and sometimes even a flat-rate funeral fee.

Which insurance to choose and at what price?

You have a choice of 3 formulas: basic, intermediate and high-end. Hard to advise one contract more than another. It all depends on your budget and the specific needs of your chat race, but the intermediate formula seems a compromise in most cases. Of course the high-end covers even better, but its cost is significantly higher.

Basic formula: economic (from 7 or 10 euros per month depending on the insurers), but very incomplete and often limited to the accident. It allows you to deal with a hard blow and do not bear all the costs covered 50/60% by the insurer. The annual ceiling generally does not exceed 800 euros.

Intermediate formula: it usually covers expenses due to illness and accident even in the event of surgery, as well as examination costs (radio, analysis, etc.). The annual ceiling is higher than in the formula of the premium and the repayment rates between 70 and 90%. The fee varies between 20 and 45 euros per month.

Top range formula: this is the most comprehensive protection, with a higher ceiling (2,000 to 2,500 euros per year) and a reimbursement rate of 90 to 100% of expenses, including in pharmacies. It often includes death capital / funeral expenses, assistance, and so on. But the fee often exceeds 50 euros or even 70 euros per month.

You can help insurance comparators to make your choice. The best way to choose will still be to compare the details of the guarantees and how the contracts work. So feel free to ask for more detailed quotes.

When to take out cat insurance?

Generally, kittens are not insurable until 2 or 3 months (sometimes even with a grace period) and some insurers do not allow cats beyond the 8th grade. On the other hand, contracts cover the animal without age limit (which can also be a selection criterion), some exclude it after 10 or 12 years.

Choice of insurance according to the breed of cat

This may surprise some owners, but their chat may interfere with the application of the tariff. Not all cats have the same risk. Some breeds are in more fragile health or are more prone to genetic vulnerabilities that increase the risk. It is in consideration of all these particular factors that the insurers determine the rate applicable to each breed. More for some insurers the age of the animal may be involved in calculating the cost of insurance.

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