the evolution of culinary art since the Sapiens

The story of the kitchen is akin to a great odyssey, which aims to tell the story of screenwriter Benoist Simmat and cartoonist Stéphane Douay. Nutritionist Hélène Laurendeau is delighted with The amazing history of cookinga “comic book-shaped documentary” that covers 500 centuries of culinary art, from the invention of fire to the arrival of … Read more

The kitchen with wood fire at L’Auberge Refuge de Bellecombe in the commune of Val Cenis Termignon

Le refuge, a former farm alpine pasture, is located in Bellecombe, in the commune of Val Cenis Termignon, in the Haute Maurienne Vanoise. Home in all the simplicity of several generations, in a warm and authentic place. We enjoy good specialties: stewed tartiflette with diots and bacon, roast beef…. the beaufort ham pancake, meat simmered … Read more

The ephemeral performance hall “La Cuisine” opened on Friday, in Nice, with Carole Bouquet

The new ephemeral theater hall purchased by the City will be inaugurated this Friday evening at 8 pm, with a tragedy by Racine – Bérénice – staged by the director of the Théâtre national de Nice (TNN), Muriel Mayette-Holtz. Featuring actress Carole Bouquet. In the accompanying 2025 Located right next to the Nikaïa Palace, “La … Read more

he chooses it for his kitchen

If you are redoing your kitchen, you are being questioned about the work plan. How many people want to opt for stainless steel. What are the pros and cons of a stainless steel worktop? How to maintain it and what is its price? Summary This is one of the most common, the stainless steel worktop … Read more

the pleasure of authentic Japanese cuisine

Journal du Japon takes you to the East of France, to Strasbourg, to introduce you to Asumi Kiyohara, chef of the Yuki café restaurant. His credo: take pleasure in discovering authentic Japanese cuisine. Notice to those who have traveled to Japan or want to find out, dinner at Yuki Café Restaurant is “being in Japan”! … Read more