Cathy, traitor in the kitchen

57-year license

Cathy was working hard for a start, not long ago. Her boss sold her box last June, and she’s fired. She has been contributing as an employee for over 35 years and now she is unemployed. Maybe it’s time to embark on what she’s always dreamed of doing; cook for others. At 57, he has a few good years left to work, so much so that he can use them to explode.

Farid will not taste the hot brioche. It is reserved for one customer © Radio France
Fred Romanuik

From first to caterer

Last March, Cathy, backed by her Farid, therefore invested in a piano and cookware essential for the smooth running of operations. And here she is, gone. Especially since it’s going well, this case. Customers come. But most of all, they come back. The love Cathy puts into her bowls is probably no stranger to it. Small vouchers prepared directly in the family kitchen of Mézières in Vexin. While waiting for Farid to build him a nice little lab in a corner of the garden.

  • Cathy’s kitchen
  • 28, rue feugère
  • 27510 Mézières en Vexin
  • 02 32 64 32 04
  • 06 52 02 81 48
Cathy cooks for you
Cathy cooks for you © Radio France
Fred Romanuik

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