Cats and dogs rush to the gates of the SPA, the refuge of Bagnols is saturated

Before arriving at a time of summer when abandonment is at its peak, the refuge is very worried for the next few weeks.

If the summer is the year when the abandonment of animals is strongest, the refuge of the SPA (Society for the Protection of Animals) of Vallérargues is very worried for the coming weeks. Responsible son Jean Dénoua is already talking about a refuge “Saturates both dogs and cats.”

In this case, in a base of 10% of adoptions, linked to a decrease in the purchasing power of the French, a complicated economic situation or a return to work after telework. Which leaves less time to take care of an animal. So many reasons to not adopt, but also to give up.

No vacancies

Jean Dénoua observes a request to leave the SPA, both locally and nationally. “We have about fifty dogs in the shelter but also 35 requests for pending abandonment that cannot be accepted at the moment”. Same goes for cats and especially adult cats who do not always find takers.

The situation is critical ahead of time, a period in which “we usually always have vacancies, not today and we are very worried about that “. Pour and face to face, at the SPA was often organized open doors on May 21 and 22 of the last, the premieres after Covid. Mais là encore, many visitors for few adoptions.

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