Cats would be able to manipulate humans with a type of meow

One study found that domestic cats used a specific type of meow to get what they wanted.

Cats use their meowing ability to make it clear to their master or mistress that they need them, and especially to feed them. And to achieve their goals, these cats would adapt their purrs accordingly. In July 2009, the results of a study on human manipulation through a specific type of movement were published in Current Biology.

Study on the Meow of Cats: Less Pleasant Requests to Hear

As part of this work, conducted by Professor Karen McComb, ten cats had been recorded at the level of their meows. In a prime case, these last ones were to get food, and in a second, no particular request. After listening to its sounds at the same volume, fifty people felt that the solicitation purrs were less pleasant and reflected more of an urgency than the others.

Domestic cats would bring their cries closer to those of a baby

According to the author of the study, cats would be able to manipulate their master or mistress by making cries similar to those of a baby. We are talking about obvious manipulation here because this behavior has only been observed in cats living in contact with at least one human being. CA Tony Buffington, a non-veterinary professor of veterinary medicine who participated in the work, explained about domestic chats in early human children. “Completely dependent on us for their survival”. And to add: „Whenever an animal is in this situation, it will scrutinize the people who take care of it to see if they respond to the signals it sends. Whatever works, they’ll do it – whether it’s changing a purr or making eight figures between their master’s feet. ”

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