“Ce sera une belle avanzée”: It will now be a permit to buy a pet

It will be a small revolution in Wallonia. Dès le premier juillet, he will need a “permit” to be able to buy a pet. Shelters, traders and pet shops will have to check if the person in front of them is allowed to own one. The goal is twofold: to avoid abuse and impulsive shopping.

The document will become mandatory on July 1. A document that all future teachers will have to ask their municipality. In shelters or pet stores, individuals will need to prove that there are no convictions for ongoing abuse or forfeiture if they want to acquire a pet. Franck Goffaux is the director of the Royal Society for the Protection of Animals of Charleroi: “We can be sure that the person in front of us is fit and licensed to adopt and keep a pet. This was not the case before, it will be a great step forward.”

Concerned about this cambare: dogs, cats, hamsters, snakes or even birds. Whether they are adopted, purchased or received.

Bad weather?

The arrival of this permit comes at a bad time for refugii, as the holidays are a critical time. “We are really afraid that this new constraint will do us a lot of harm in the beginning and that we will no longer have exits (animals). The fear is that we will always have more inputs and more outputs and that we will end up saturated. “ adds Franck Goffaux.

Heavy fines

Le role des refuges will now be checking that everything is in order, keep a register and keep the data for five years. Stop the one that bypasses the system. Nicolas Yernaux, spokesman for the Walloon Public Service, said: “Someone who has been convicted cannot prevent his wife from buying an animal, but if one later realizes that madam, for example, to help her husband who has been convicted of acquiring an animal, not only her husband will be convicted of recidivism and she will be convicted of association. Changes for the doctor can run up to 100,000 euros and the seller up to 1 million euros. “

In Wallonia, 37 citizens are deprived of the right to detention. People who do not live in the Region will also have to comply with the new rules and contact the Wallonia Public Service for certification.

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