Central kitchen island hood: how to choose it?

Indispensable in a modern kitchen, the extractor hood is an appliance that can often get rid of odors and smoke. In order to choose the best one, given its importance, it is essential to know what to stick to.

You have it installed kitchen of your dreams? However, does the choice of the perfect hood for your central island leave you perplexed? In fact, it is not easy to know, it would be the model of the most suitable extractor hood. There are in fact several on the market, from different brands. In order to help guide your choice wisely, find out in this guide, the criteria to be preferred before buying your kitchen hood.

Opt for the right suction system

Le role d’une hotte de cuisine is to allow you to get rid of everything you generate when you are in front of the four. Unpleasant cooking odors, fumes, fumes, smells of grease, the hood has become an indispensable installation. It helps to preserve the pleasure of cooking and above all to preserve the condition of your kitchen furniture. to extractor hood it is also a must for air quality, always at the top of this important piece. To choose the right hood to install above the central island, you must opt ​​for a two ways of aspiration which exist :

  • Evacuation suction allows to recover the vaporizers et fumes directly through a filter. The latter are then expelled to the outside through an exhaust pipe. With this system, it must be borne in mind that most of the time, work will be required for the installation of the extractor hood. In fact, it will need an external drain.
  • Suction through recycling consists in passing the exhaust elements into a grease filter containing coal inside an airtight circuit. Once vacuumed, all impurities are recycled through a filter that will purify the air. Vapors and recycled fumes are then released into the air of the part. With this suction, the filters must be periodically cleaned or changed for proper operation.

Choose a design that suits your kitchen

Choosing the model of extractor hood, which you want the installer to depend on tastes. There are design and modern products that can be adapted to all styles of decor. So now is the time to please yourself. You can thus opt for a model that will bring to your cuisine all its specificity.

central kitchen island with hob and hood

To make sure you don’t make your choice, follow the Cuisine Plus tips to make the right choice for central island hoods and find the perfect model for you. You can choose between stainless steel or glass hoods for a very contemporary style. The choice of various colors for a decorative look is also possible. Pour the finishes, the options are great. It is also possible to opt for one ceiling light hood, retractableintegrated in a lighting or work surface, suspended or still compact to slip into confined spaces.

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Focus on good power

To your power kitchen extractor hood is what guarantees efficiency. Although aesthetics are important, the ability to get rid of odors, vapors and fumes is a very important criterion. To be sure you are not mistaken before buying the hood to be installed on top of yours kitchen islandcare must be taken to ensure that it displays good power.

Ideally, a high-performance extractor hood should be able to renew the air volume of the room in about 15 times in one hour. Mathématiquement, this means that you have to calculate the power in performing this operation: the volume of your kitchen is multiplied by 15.

Prefer a silent hood

One of the criteria and not the least is the one regarding the comfort of use. Indeed, with many models on the market, the ideal is to prefer a silent extractor hood. There is nothing more unpleasant than dealing with stoves in the cacophony. Thus, in order to ensure all the comfort for your ears and those of you who live together, I choose an extractor hood that produces a sound rate between 35 and 50 dB.

suspended hood for central kitchen island

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Adopt the perfect installation for your hood

In order to be able to vacuum effectively and without danger of all the odors emanating from the cooking of your meals, the extractor hood must be installed approximately 70 cm above the plate. This, in the case of hobs gas or mixed. For electric hobs, 65 cm will suffice. The extractor hood must also completely cover your hob so that no bare discharge can escape during vacuuming.

Regarding the installation of the hood for central island, the easiest mode is recycling. As for the models of suspended hoods, they can be installed on the ceiling or may be recessed. In all cases, the distance must be respected and, above all, be able to put well to avoid any accident. So that means call in a professional which has all the skills to ensure you have a poil installation.

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