Chef-Tania: Private chef and traitor from Miami for a unique Franco-Mexican cuisine

Tania Cuevas recently launched in Miami has the activity of private chef and caterer: Chef-Tania. The young chef proposes a cuisine for Franco-Mexican saviors, doing a better part for products and taste authentiques, and gathers the best from Mexico and France in colorful and festive meals.

Tania Cuevas cuisine is a mixture of cultures, Latin influences and French savoir-faire, privileged seasonal ingredients, authentic saviors, with the bonus of colorful creativity and meticulous care in dressage. “French and Mexican cuisines are very diverse, I merge the two to keep only the best bun, and make them enrich each other.” This young chef has a unique gastronomic universe in traditional and modern times, he offers generous, joyful and colorful dishes … such works of art! She skillfully mixes Mexican and French cuisine to create high-end Franco-Mexican dishes. “For me, cooking is all about sharing.” In Mexico, it is rooted in our culture, meals are very convivial moments during discussions we convey joy, love through the dishes, and one for hours ! ».

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