Cherbourg. Laur’Asia offers excellent dishes of traditional Japanese cuisine

Laura Croisy, all smiles despite a bit of stress, when opening her own restaurant. (© Nicolas LEPIGEON)

We told you about it a few weeks ago: the project is now underway and the business is opening up Friday, June 17, 2022, at 6 p.m. Laur’Asia – that’s his name – replaces the old Pily and will delight fans of Japanese cuisine.

Originally from Cherbourg (Manche), Laura Croisy made her weapons “in the kitchens of La Gourmandine and Pily”, and also had enriched experiences in La Marine (Carteret) as well as in Australia.

With Japanese sushi masters

“Since 2017, in contact with several Japanese sushi masters (Editor’s note: in Geneva and Megève), I learned and I develop rigueur and traditional technique, which are essential ingredients for making artistic and gustatory food, recalls the young woman of 29 years old on facebook. The availability of Pierre and Lydie’s place, coupled with my desire to return to the Cotentin, was clear. »

“This is the perfect place to let you discover my passion for Japanese cuisine (with products straight from there) coupled with the richness of our local produce: vegetables and fish selections in respect of the seasons and environment. »

Laura CroisyPatroness of Laur’Asia

At the moment, to taste his food, he is necessary to place an order by phone and to pick her up. You can take advantage of a place or an exporter.

You have to order by phone to taste the good Laur'Asia sushi.
You have to order by phone to taste the good Laur’Asia sushi. (© Nicolas LEPIGEON)

Three boxes based on trust

“The concept is simple: I offer three boxes of sushi of different sizes that I named omakasea Japanese expression that means I’m leaving it to you. So it’s based on trust, customers don’t have the choice to compose their box, ”says Laura Croisy, who is looking for an employee to help her in the kitchen.

La petite rade (10 pieces) is € 16; the large harbor (20 pieces) at € 31; the horizon (30 pieces) at € 46. «The contents of these boxes change regularly, they will be composed nigiri, hosomaki, uramaki, sashimiCher »Cherbourg salmon, sea bream, mackerel, bar, cuttlefish, squid, bulot, moussette, spider, cake, lobster… omakase.

Ten, twenty or thirty pieces: it's up to you to choose the size of your case ... but not its content.  Trust the chef!
Ten, twenty or thirty pieces: it’s up to you to choose the size of your box… but not its content. Trust the chef! (© DP)

A grocery corner

On site, you can also buy sake and other Japanese spirits, salmon tataki, seaweed salads, miso soups, as well as “iced desserts with Japanese flavors in collaboration with pastry chef Jean-François Foucher.” We salivate in advance.

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Laur’Asia is located at 39, rue Grande-Rue in Cherbourg.
Open this Friday and Saturday, from 6 pm to 9 pm, and then from June 21: Tuesday to Saturday, from 12 noon to 3 pm and from 6 pm to 9 pm.
For the commander: tel. 02 33 95 22 61.
Renseignements on Facebook «Laur’Asia» and Instagram @laurasia_restaurant.


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