Chez Cuisines AvivA, 71% of the franchises come from other sectors of the cuisine

AvivA kitchen rassemble des franchisés aux professional courses differents but who have in common the desire to satisfy the client with the cuisine that corresponds to him. In reality, 7 out of 10 franchises are not passed on in the kitchen world.

AvivA kitchen is open to all profiles

Before joining Cuisines AvivA, the franchisees of the network had different courses, outside of the cuisine and entrepreneurship world: 85% were employed and 71% changed their sector.

Indeed, 71% of the franchises were exercised in the field of trade, commerce or distribution and 5% in hotellerie-restauration. Other Cuisine AvivA franchises come from BTP, service aux entreprises, automobiles or agroalimentaire. These entrepreneurs also held various positions avant d’integrar l’enseigne. 58% had a commercial function and 30% management.

On the one hand, Cuisines AvivA is an address open to all profiles, men and women, it remains the same selective teaching, where only 24% of candidates are retained in the recruitment process. « Proof of the success of our selection method, 57% of our multisite franchises do not have cuisine sector issues », said Bernard Abbou, Directeur Général de Cuisines AvivA.

Prior to opening, all Cuisines AvivA franchisees and their equipment are trained through the AvivA Academy, which delivers 48 days of consolidated training over a minimum 25-day in-store training period.

The franchise guarantees a simple, fast and safe professional reconversion, while being free and accompanied.

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