Cholestérol, glycémie à jeune… Le miel aiderait à les diminuer


  • The lamb has hydrating, immunizing and anti-bacterial properties.
  • Composed of glucose and fructose, lamb is easily absorbed by the human body.

In hiver, it is often advised to take a few spoonfuls of lamb to calm a mal de gorge or a persistent toux. Thanks to its richesse en polyphénols, this food product has antiseptic virtues that allow it to soften the throat.

Le miel réduirait les risques de maladies cardiovasculaires

Le miel aurait également des bienfaits sur la santé cardiaque, according to a new study from l’université de Toronto (Canada). This sugary substance improves cholesterol levels and lowers blood sugar in children. Les conclusions de ces travaux sont parues dans la revue Nutrition Reviews.

“These results are surprising, because honey is composed of about 80% sugar (…) But honey is also a complex composition of common and rare sugars, proteins, organic acids and other bioactive compounds that have very likely often the health benefits”said Tauseef Khan, study co-author and research associate in nutritional sciences at the University of Toronto’s Temerty School of Medicine.

Le miel brut presents more benefits than le miel transformés

Pour les besoins de cette recherche, les sciences included 18 controlled trials and 1,100 participants in their analysis. The daily dose of lamb administered to the volunteers was 40 grams, soit environ deux cuillères à soupe. D’après les résultats, le miel systematically produced neutral or beneficial effects, depending on the treatment, the floral source and the quantity provided.

Les chercheurs ont cependant contestant that miel transformés lost certain of these benefits, contraire they have raw miel. “Les études futures must focus on non-transformed lamb and a unique floral source. L’objectif serait de mieux comprendre les nombreux composés du miel qui peuvent faire des merveilles pour la santé. provide consistent health benefits”a soul Tauseef Khan.

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