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Insuring a boat in France is not mandatory but strongly advised and useful to be protected in case of glitch. Without insurance, the risks are significant if you consider the cost of repairs. In the event of damage to the materials, repairs are the responsibility of the owner and, depending on the severity of the accident, the costs can be exorbitant, especially if the owner is responsible for the accident involved in several other ponds. Not to mention the eventuality that the accident caused physical injury, the financial consequences are colossal.

with APRIL Marineprepare your navigations to avoid a stormy situation and rediscover the different assistance cases that you could face and that you can benefit from with your (future) insurance contract APRIL Marine.

1 – Prepare your navigation and avoid unnecessary risks

Whether it’s for a trip with friends, family, alone, during the day or for several nights at sea, preparing your outing is essential.


First of all, we invite you to read the weather forecast in advance and on D-Day. On the coast, the weather and wind strength can change quickly. Comparing several weather models (GFS, AROME, ICON, ARPEGE…) is a good way to display forecasts.

To consult the sea weather in more or while sailing, the different tools are available:

  • Captaincy: on site or online with the daily weather bulletin.
  • VHF: at the reception of the weather reports it is free of charge phonie sur les canaux the following 16, 79 or 80.
  • APRIL Marine mobile app: free and downloadable on Google Play or the App Store.
  • SMS APRIL Marine: sign up for weather forecasts and alerts on your insured space

Warning: No matter what the weather, don’t forget that gusts can exceed up to 40% more than the announced wind speed.


A heel or even a stranding came faster than you might think. If you are sailing in the marnage area and you have a bateau avec, it should not be a bit tirant d’eau, it is important to inform yourself about the tidal hours to avoid this unpleasant situation. Depending on the geographical area and sea coefficients, the marnage is not always the same, so take the time to consult these schedules:

  • To the captaincy of your port.
  • Via the APRIL Marine mobile app.
  • Via a paper tide calendar.
  • On the internet.

However, in case of talonnage et d’√©chouement, you can register on your APRIL Marine insurance contract. A dedicated team will take care of your claim so that you can go to sea as soon as possible.


A passage to the port gas station is one of the steps to take before leaving for the sea. 50% of requests for assistance are due to engine failures or damage that could often have been avoided. Fuel failure is the perfect example. Do not put yourself in a difficult situation and check the condition of your tanks at the start, taking into account your hourly consumption and the remaining fuel.

2 – Take advantage of assistance and troubleshooting and get back to sea quickly

Even if you have prepared your trip well at sea, a glitch can quickly arrive. At every important moment, you need to connect to your insurance. Under your insurance policy and you have opted for new guarantees of assistance benefit from us APRIL Marine Assistance service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on land, at the dock and at sea.

  • In case of failure immobilizing the boat (battery failure, fuel failure, propeller loss or problem, key loss), one of the 400 certified professionals in the APRIL Marine Assistance network works ashore, docking, launching and at sea until 6 miles off the coast as quickly as possible and in less than an hour for a dock intervention. Troubleshooting, towing and repairs up to 2 hours of labor, excluding any parts, are covered.
  • In the event of a breakdown or accident on land to the person and the boat (breakdown on the highway, repatriation of the boat and people, sick injured people), APRIL Maritime assistance intervenes in the geographical area provided for in the contract and after the declaration of event. Assistance costs (medical repatriation, medical and hospitalization expenses, death assistance, crew accommodation, etc.) and boat and trailer assistance (transfer for repair, handling, towing and repatriation of the boat, shipping of spare parts, shipping and storage costs, etc.) are covered.
  • In case of distress (fire, man at sea, search at sea, personal injury, waterway, storm), the SNSM intervenes after contacting the CROSS by VHF on channel 16 or by telephone at 196. The rescue of lives is free in France . This is not the case for the boat. On request and in case of distress, APRIL Marine will reimburse you for the costs of intervention at sea.

We wish you a good sailing.

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