Climate change: Faced with contingencies, home insurance premiums could explode


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The many episodes of heatwave to come pot caused considerable damage to homes, cracks in the walls, dry floors. Faced with these climatic hazards, home insurance premiums could explode within twenty years.

A leaden sun and catastrophes that unfold all over France. result: houses cracked, destroyed or flooded. In the face of climate change, it is becoming more and more expensive to secure a home. This is an increase of 34% in ten years. The bill could continue to flamber: in 40 years, the cost of claims lies aux aléas climatiques has quadrupled to reach 4 billion euros in 2021.

The extra costs vary depending on where you live. „In the areas that are most affected, so the southeast, PACA, Occitania, this is where we see that the increases have been the largest since 2010: almost 40% in PACA “explains Stephanie Duraffourd, spokesperson If they do not measure any premium for improving the quality of construction, some professionals estimate that the housing of insurance premiums can explode 113% A two hundred % within twenty years.

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