CNP Assurances devient shareholder à 100% de cinc sociétés au Brésil


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( — CNP Insurance for an international development strategy with the acquisition of 100% of the shares of Caixa Seguridade and Icat in five companies that offer the possibility of commercializing prevoyance santé, soins dentaires, epargne and consorcio products.

This operation allows CNP Assurances, the 3rd Brazilian insurer, to pursue its development in Brazil by relying on two distribution models:
– An open model that allows operation with different partners through these purchases at 100%
– An exclusive distribution partnership with Caixa Econômica Federal, renewed until 2046 and 2041, au sein de Caixa Vida and Previdência (produits individuels et collectifs retraite, assurance emprunteur consommation et prévoyance) and Caixa Consórcio (activité consórcios).

The acquisition refers to the 48.25% held by Caixa Seguridade in the bottom four entities through CNP Seguros Holding Brasil (CSH), to the joint holding between CNP Assurances and Caixa Seguridade:
1. CNP Seguros Participações em Saúde Ltda “Holding Saúde”
2. Seguros Previdência do Sul “Previsul”
3. Odonto Empresas Convênios Dentários Ltda. “Odonto Empresa”
4. CNP Consórcio SA Administradora de Consórcios “CNP Consórcios”
The purchase also refers to a 24.61% discount through Caixa Seguridade through CSH and a 49% discount directly through Icatu3 in the following company:
5. CNP Capitalização SA “CNP Cap”

Le montant total de l’opération, of 907 MBRL, will be financed by CNP Assurances sur ses fonds propres.

The estimated impact on the SCR du Group coverage ratio is -1 point. The completion of this agreement is subject to the approval of the competent brésiliennes authorities.

“These acquisitions are fully part of our international and multi-partner development strategy. The signing of these agreements allows CNP Assurances to accelerate its development in Brazil by relying on new relais de croissance en model ouvert” said Stéphane DEDEYAN , general manager of CNP Assurances.


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