CNP Assurances publishes its responsible investment report

With more than € 370 billion invested in all business sectors, CNP Assurances is a major player in financing the real economy. In accordance with the new requirements of Article 29 of the Climate Energy Act, CNP Assurances today published its responsible investment report which incorporates news information on the climate and biodiversity. In 2021, CNP Assurances was one of the first investors to publish the biodiversity footprint of its investment portfolio. In 2022, the Group publishes for the first time a measure of the dependence of its investment portfolio on biodiversity loss.

“Committed to acting against global warming, CNP Assurances is also mobilizing in the face of biodiversity erosion. Signed in 2021, le Finance for Biodiversity Pledge, CNP Assurances is set new targets for biodiversity protection. Together with the companies and states that we finance, we must act to reverse the process of degradation of nature and preserve the diversity of life on our planet. » says Stéphane Dedeyan, CEO of CNP Assurances.

  • Biodiversity is at the heart of the investment governance responsible for CNP Assurances

Considering that biodiversity and climate issues are intrinsically linked, CNP Assurances takes this into account in the operational management of its responsible investment strategy. In 2021, the Climate Risk Committee integrated biodiversity into the Climate Risk and Biodiversity Committee. The main objective is to steer the actions in motion to integrate the risks related to climate change and to protect biodiversity in all components of the activity (investment, insurance, internal functioning).

  • CNP Assurances extends the measure of biodiversity of investment property

On the occasion of the release in 2021 of its responsible investment report. CNP Assurances was one of the first investors to publish the biodiversity footprint of its investment portfolio using the The imprint of corporate biodiversity. This year, the calculation has been extended to about 30 sectors (vs. five last year) and now 58% of the portfolio of shares and bonds held live (vs. 11% last year ). As a reminder, CNP Assurances is committed to measuring by the end of 2023 the biodiversity footprint of its entire portfolio of shares and corporate bonds held live, by encouraging companies to improve transparency on these issues. At the end of 2021, the biodiversity footprint of the investment portfolio amounts to -25 m².MSA [1] per k € invested, against -47 m².MSA per k € invested at the end of 2020 in iso-methodology.

  • CNP Assurances publishes for the first time the dependence of its investment portfolio on the loss of biodiversity

Based on research published by the Banque de France in August 2021 [2], CNP Assurances has estimated the dependence of the companies it finances on the various ecosystem services, which are essential for the survival of the human species and a large number of economic activities. By the end of 2021, 26% of its portfolio of shares and corporate bonds held live will come from companies that are heavily or very heavily dependent on at least one ecosystem service. In other words, more than a quarter of the value of the securities held in the study area is at significant risk and an ecosystem service would disappear in the coming years.

  • By signing the Commitment to funding biodiversityCNP Assurances is set new goals for protecting biodiversity

While the rate of extinction of species is 10 to 100 times higher today than it has been in the last 10 million years, CNP Assurances signed in September 2021, the Commitment to funding biodiversity and is set by new targets in the next five years to protect biodiversity. These objectives covered the different asset classes: shares and liabilities, real estate, infrastructure, forests. The responsible investment report gives an account of the actions that CNP Assurances has begun to put into action to achieve these objectives.


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