Cognac: des cabanes-tonneaux to open “free chats”

This unusual hut is intended to house “free cats”, that is «Les chats errants that we have identified …

This unusual cabin is intended to house “free cats”, that is “The stray cats I identified were trapped [capturés, Ndlr], then sterilized, before releasing them, and they all have a small mark on their ear. ”explains Sylvie Gautier, a municipal councilor in charge of animal protection, who would like to review the contract with 30 million friends in order to be able to organize trapping campaigns according to needs, and not twice a year.

With these dodos, we create a shelter for cats, we centralize them.

The idea of ​​the town hall is to fix these cat populations without a master in order to better regulate it. “With these dodos, we create a shelter for cats, we centralize them.” It will be easier to catch them. ”Sylvie Gautier observed. “And then they offer a fixed home mic for the winter.”smiles Sylvie Morandière, a very invested volunteer.

A few years ago, huts were made from old furniture. “We had six in different parts of the city,” she said. But the experience had not gone any further. To this day. “I broke Morgan’s feet.” [Berger, le maire, Ndlr] ! I wanted them to be barrel-shaped, reminiscent of the city’s economy. »

Opening Friday, June 17

A discussion between the mayor and Jean-Charles Vicard, the owner of the cooperage of the same name, ended up advancing the project. “Mr. Vicard set out to make them and offer them to us.” »

Thus, the La Chaudronne cat dodo is a prototype, made from falling dowels and topped with a stainless steel roof, outsourced to a cooper partner. It has no bottom, for easy cleaning and will rest either on a concrete slab or on a wooden pallet, protected by an enclosure to prevent naked dogs from bothering cats. “Inside, we’ll put a cushion that we make with the help of volunteer seniors.”shows Sylvie Gautier.

It is currently the only one installed. It will be inaugurated this Friday, June 17. But very soon, others will follow. “Twenty-four in all have been ordered and will be placed before the forgiveness in a dozen sites in the city (1) that we have identified, says the elected official. Depending on the populations found on the spot, we will place one, two or even three dodos, as will be the case here [dans le jardin partagé, Ndlr] »where eight tomcats were counted by Sylvie Morandière, three of which remain to be sterilized.

And these dodos, the City is very proud of. “It’s a beautiful project, with this patronage and because everything had to be structured to know who will take care of and feed the cats.” » Volunteers will also be provided with a nutrition book indicating their skills, «The car causes some tension with gens that can be aggressive in voyant des personnes nourrir ces chats».

It is to be hoped that cats will find in these dodos all the comfort they are looking for.

1- Rue Gustave-Flaubert, allée Charles-Baudelaire, rue de Valdepeñas, rue Louis-Guillet, rue de Constantine, rue de Bellefonds, rue Sainte-Barbe, rue Henri-Vorspal, rue du capitaine Guynemer and rue Jean-Mermoz.

A cattery project

This cat dodo project is part of a proactive policy resolution on the feline issue and more broadly on animal protection. Three working groups have been set up. The first concerns the fight against abuse, which is largely managed by the municipal police. “It’s not an easy task”, argues Sylvie Gautier. A project will be launched at the beginning of the school year, with the children, as part of the extracurricular activities with an exhibition that could see the light of day in June 2023. “The idea is to go through the children to touch the parents, remind them that the animals have rights and their owners have duties. » La Ville wants to put a unique number for signals.
The second group’s mission is to set up cat dodos. As for the third, it concerns the creation of a cattery. Because to date, there is no shelter for cats in the agglo, the SPA of Cognac (the refuge of Bonbonnet, in Ars) only collects dogs. “We would like it to be carried by the SPA of Cognac, which agrees, but to be installed in the city. We would like to put a cat bar where we can have a coffee among the cats, and who knows, adopt one. » All that remains is to find the place, which may take time.

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