Comment activater mon compte Assurance retraite

When you create a personal account, you give yourself access to the personalized services of Assurance retraite and allow you to view information about: relevé de carrière, nombre de trimesters, know the departure age, eventualité d’un départ anticipé pour carrière longue… Pour cela, you have the possibility to choose between 2 procedures:

1 – Create a dedicated account on the Assurance Retraite website

At the top of the welcome page to the right of the Assurance Retraite website, click on “Creer mon compte” then indicate your Securité Sociale number, email address, first and last name and date of birth. An email is sent to you to activate your account and choose a password.

2 – Create an Assurance Retraite account through France Connect

Further on the welcome page, at the top right, click on “Space Staff”. On the page that opens you propose to log in to provide your social security number and you have already created an account. Moreover, you can access your space personnel through France Connect, the secure system that allows you to use an identifiers and passwords, which you have already created against other structures (les impôts, Ameli, la MSA…)

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This system is very practical, often a source of confusion for people who are not in contact with digital. Dans ce cas, mie biele vaut privilegier la première solution for creating a staff space with all ways of retreat.

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