Comment prepare a goûter d’anniversaire sans updating in the kitchen?

Julien Lapraille was invited in the RTLINFO 13H to give advice on preparing a birthday snack. “The first thing is to get organized,” the leader began. You have to prepare certain things in advance like pancakes or cabbage paste for example and those products, we go to the “transformers”.

You can make a burger with them pancakes. We’re going to make a fruit salad with small pieces, like a fruit carpaccio, and we’re going to put it in between pancakes. It’s really going to make us a burger. You can take a little sugar and put it on top of your pancake and burn it with a torch just before serving. We will have a thin film, a thin crust and it will make you think of the cream burnedhe proposes.

He also advises to start making lightning.What’s interesting is a little bit the side surprise. Because you can put whatever you want in it.” On can opt for pâtissière cream, a version of chocolate, on can and put fruit in puree that you will gel or a whipped cream flavored.

I also propose to lay the “foundations” of cupcakes and make various “trimmings” available to guests.Everyone shares the moment. It brings people together.

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