Comment weaning a cat that steals food from the table?

You just set your table for a good dinner and before you settle in, your cat points the tip of his nose and steals a piece of meat from your plate. A cat that snatches food is very common behavior. However, some homeowners do not know what attitude to adopt or what behavior to adopt. Discover some tricks that allow you to enjoy the rest in peace

As soon as you turn your back, your cat will enjoy it for you will want of the food. These little cats show ingenuity and are even capable of stealing a small piece of meat or a slice of fish. It’s hard for you to stop and you don’t know what to do. The reasons can be many: it can be instinctive or due to unsatisfied hunger. An expert in animal psychology, Nadeshda Simokhina explains how to deter your greedy cat from stealing food.

What attitude to adopt in the face of a cat stealing food from the table?

A chat that steals from table food is an issue that is often addressed by certain owners. Unless you forgot to feed it, your naked cat should not splurge on food. If so, don’t panic! What behavior can be changed by adopting a few tricks.

– Cover your plates to keep your cat away

flat covered

Covered dish – Source: spm

If your cat is stealing food, it’s because there’s a reason behind it. Start giving enough food on the day your pet can be eaten. Then, recouvrez bien vos plats when you are not near the hall in the manger. At the end of your meal, do not leave anything edible on the table. This is probably the trick that will prevent you from taking action, but it will take some effort. You can also close the doors of your kitchen or in the exit room, so that the windows are not allowed to slip inside.

Also note that a food obsession can be a sign of a health problem, such as cushion syndrome, thyroid dysfunction, or an emotional disorder. In case of doubt, a veterinarian should be consulted.

– Punishment brings nothing to your cat!


Chat – Source: spm

No need to reprimand or punish your cat when the crime is committed. It is strictly useless. Why get angry at a total instinctive behavior? Being used to catching his “prey”, he probably doesn’t understand why you’re scolding him. If your pet resumes the same behavior after a punishment, it is because he does not understand what he is being accused of. To prevent the cat from attacking your plate, remove any form of punishment. Celle-ci may have the opposite to strengthen his attitude. As explained in the digital newspaper, Ouest-France, some behaviorists used positive reinforcement and counseling, for example, not to bring down the table cat, but to ask him to do so. When you place your order in your chat, with a bonus in the form of treats, you are encouraged to relapse.

Tip: It is best to educate your toddler while remaining consistent with his or her restrictions.

Instead, focus on these few tricks with your cat

he was fond of pouring chat

Cat treats – Source: spm

Here are some ways to help:

– A spray to keep the cat away

If your cat stings a piece of salmon or chicken on the table, it is possible to spray it with a spray gun. In creating a surprise effect, your chat will be decorated. However, he must not see what he is doing so as not to frighten him further. Instead, keep a spray on your lap while continuing to eat. Then spray this water on your cat as it approaches.

– Provide entertainment to your cat

Your conversation can be enhanced by simple gourmand food. Curious and malicious in nature, he can eliminate this behavior if he is satiated otherwise. In order to keep it away at meal time, you can create entertainment by hiding treats just about anywhere in your home. This approach will allow him to occupy a good part of his time and to assume the instincts of chasseur par-dessus tout. It is possible to sprinkle food in balles creuses or des game pendant, which you have for breakfast.

– Aluminum foil for your chat efrayer

This is not a very common method but it has immediate effects on pets. When you cover your plates with foil you limit the chances that your little thief will sting you with a piece of meat. Le bruit du papier aluminum is not really appreciated by the discussions. Adopt this technique before giving up the kitchen, it works 100%.

However, he is an advisor for adopting this method in the last place when you do not need a choice. There is a risk of waste. Indeed, the production process of this material to major environmental training.

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