Consultant: Attention, have you thought about taking out professional liability insurance?

The activity of a consultant is generally to provide intellectual services to a client. Intervient avec des empresas for performance analyzer, proposal of solutions for improvement and solution of possible problems. It is an external provider that usually works in an office or as a freelancer.

Risks related to the consultant’s activity

As a consultant, you are exposed to various risks every day. The latter can jeopardize your business, both financially and financially. They are very diverse in nature. E.g :

  • Your consulting assignment leads to financial losses for your client and he sues you;
  • You negligently disclose confidential strategic information and the company claims damages;
  • You are unable to deliver your project on time and your client is claiming compensation;
  • By accident, you destroy valuable material in a customer …

That is why it is strongly recommended that a consultant take out professional insurance. The purpose is to cover the consequences of these claims.

Professional liability insurance of a consultant

Professional civil insurance protects the consultant from the financial consequences of damage caused to his clients during his professional activity. Payment of damages can seriously jeopardize the sustainability of the consultant’s business. Thus, this coverage is indispensable, whether the professional practices alone or in a firm.

The price of professional liability insurance depends on several criteria. It is generally calculated on the basis of turnover, industry, size of company and chosen guarantees.

Professional civil liability can be supplemented by a legal protection contract. This option provides the consultant with an expert attendant in case of trial. It also proposes reimbursement of court costs, such as attorneys’ fees.

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